Why it is important to carry ID when exercising

Many leisure athletes such as runners, cyclists and triathletes often do not carry any form of ID when they are exercising – possibly because they do not see the need to do so.

However Alan Yang, 40, from iDfast – a local company that produces emergency response identification aids for runners, cyclists and other leisure athletes, points out that wearing ID is, in fact, important.

Many leisure athletes often do not carry ID on them when they work out.

Many leisure athletes often do not carry ID when they work out.

He said, “IDs are usually carried in the wallet. But most runners and cyclists do not cary their wallet with them when they exercise, hence many do not have any form of ID with them.”

Alan added, “Wearing IDs will eliminate ambiguity about who you are in an emergency. Carrying an ID with emergency contact information with notable medical conditions can make a difference between life and death during an emergency.”

Exercising without the bulk

But for many leisure or recreational athletes, their wallets and other forms of ID may be quite bulky so they may choose to do without it. Said Alan, “Like professional athletes, leisure athletes also prefer to exercise light. They do not like to carry unnecessary items when they run or cycle. The lesser items they carry, the less weight and bulk with which they can exercise with ease.”

IDfast tags are an easy way to carry ID during sports activity.

iDfast tags are convenient for sports activities.

But according to Alan, even if IDs are carried along, these do not carry emergency contact information which may be important for paramedics in emergencies.

iDfast tags contain valuable information in case of emergencies

This is where Alan’s iDfast tags comes in useful. An emergency response identification aid, iDfast is laser marked on a stainless steel tag and contains information such as a person’s name, phone number, emergency contact person, blood type and allergies in case of emergencies.

Regular iDfast Wrist tag.

Regular iDfast Wrist tag.

Compared to many other form of IDs, the iDfast tag contains visible information that you can read at a close distance. Said Alan, “It is small enough to keep information private. It is not a tracking device. Other GPS watches and gadgets that you can wear serves a different purpose. They cannot alert loved ones if a mishap happens.”

He continued, “many times, the family does not track a loved one’s whereabouts let alone be informed that an emergency has occurred. iDfast is also not a garget with coded information. Some form of IDs are coded and secondary devices are needed to decode the information. In an emergency, these are not practical and give a false sense of security.”

Lite iDfast Wrist Tag.

160mm Lite iDfast Wrist Tag.

Provides critical information to paramedics

In short, an iDfast tag is able to provide critical information to paramedics in the event that the leisure athlete is unable to do so himself or herself. For example when the person has fainted, is unconscious, or has fallen into a coma.

Added Alan, “iDfast tags are neither a tracking device or a gadget with coded information. It is visible information at close distance. Having this information on you, can make a big difference especially if it is potentially life-saving. When your loved ones or medical personnel need to be alerted, iDfast has the information ready.”

180mm Lite iDfast Wrist Tag.

180mm Lite iDfast Wrist Tag.

He added, “iDfast is for safety and peace of mind. Mishaps can happen any time and it is better to be prepared rather than sorry, should anything happen.”

Alan also points out that some of the biggest benefits of using iDfast tags are that it is able to provide emergency contact information to first aid responders, reduces delay and minimises risks and complications during emergencies and alerts medical personnel to medical conditions or emergencies. As such it can make a difference between life or death in emergencies.

In fact according to iDfast too, many people have purchased their ID tags as they have had loved ones who have lost family members or close friends because there was no crucial emergency information on them that could have possibly reversed the situation.

iDfast Badge.

iDfast Badge.

Comes in several shapes and sizes to cater to different preferences

The iDfast tags come in several forms and these includes wrist bands of varying sizes to cater to different sizes of wrists, ankle bands for those who prefer to wear iDfast on their feet, or even badges for those who prefer to simply wear their iDfast over an additional accessory such as a fitness tracker or a GPS watch.

Added Alan, “Occasionally a potential wearer could be reluctant to wear an accessory. At most times, the compelling reasons to wear outweighs the reason to not wear. Some believe that nothing will happen to them or they don’t anticipate any emergencies. But life is full of surprises and one can never be certain of unexpected events or emergencies.”

iDfast Wrist Flex.

iDfast Wrist Flex.

He continued, “Having a good form of ID and wearing it most of the time, can give the wearer’s family peace of mind to know they can be contacted if anything happens.”

Where to get iDfast

A standard iDfast regular wristband will set you back by SGD 24.90.

Find out more about iDfast products and how to purchase it online at http://www.idfast.com.sg.

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