Winners Of the OSIM Sundown Marathon 2017

Last weekend, the 10th anniversary of the OSIM Sundown Marathon 2017 took place, with about 27,000 runners taking part altogether.

42.195km Women’s Marathon 

Laura Holton is the winner of the Women’s Marathon.

Winning the 42.195km Women’s Marathon had been 35 year old Laura Holton, a primary school teacher living in Dubai, and who crossed the finish line with a timing of 3hours 16minutes and 51seconds.

Said Holton, “I had been enticed by the novel experience as I have never run at night before. I was really pleased with my finish because it was so hectic to fly in from Dubai only a day before, and complete a full marathon. I was focused on running at my own pace and trying to adapt to the humidity here. Every water station, I had a drink and poured two cups over my head because I was getting so hot as I was running.”

Holton poses after her winning run.

She added, “I did not expect to win at all. It was such a nice surprise. Winning a race like this largely depends on who turns up on the day, and I think I got lucky today.”

42.195km Men’s Marathon

And in the 42.195km Men’s Marathon, Norwegian Andreas Aalberg Huse, 25, an industrial economics exchange student at the National University of Singapore, emerged as the winner with a timing of 2hours 49minutes and 52seconds.

Huse (Centre) wins the 42.195km Men’s Marathon. (Photo: OSIM Sundown Marathon)

Said Huse, “It felt good today and was quite cool to win a marathon.”

Huse had also pointed out that quite early on in the race, the leading group had been sent in the wrong direction, and ended up running an additional 1.5 kilometres before the race volunteers had realised their mistake, but by staying calm and not losing his focus, Huse had managed to catch up to the then race leader, and he eventually overtook him after about 25-26km into the race.

Andreas Huse is the winner of the 42.195km Men’s Marathon.

He added, “And I had to fight for the last 10km to maintain my lead. I was getting tired, but I managed to win that battle and it was a relief to see the finish line. I then knew that I had done it.”

Holton’s successful strategy, on the other hand, had been to run her own race. She said, “I wanted to run based on how I feel. Looking back though, I went out too quickly. If I had slowed down, I may have enjoyed the second half of the race a lot more.”

What tips do the Marathon winners have for others out there?

The top three women runners for the 42.195km Full Marathon Category. (Photo: OSIM Sundown Marathon)

Said Huse, “Relax more during the run and don’t think about the speed. Do not chase speed, but instead, follow the good feeling and flow and you will enjoy the run more. Speed comes as a consequence when you are having fun.”

Added Holton, “Run your own race based on how your body feels.”

21.1km Half Marathon

Rachel See wins the Half Marathon.

And in the 21.1km Half Marathon race, Singaporean Rachel See retained her title with a time of 1hour 32minutes and the Men’s Half Marathon was won by Song Yan Yang of China, with a time of 1hour 20minutes and 54seconds.

10km Race

The Men’s 10km was won by Kenyan runner Dennis Isis in 33minutes 30seconds, and Rachel Longstaff from Britain took home the women’s title with a time of 37minutes 56seconds.

Full List of winners

Here is a full list of the Sundown marathon winners in all the categories:

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