X-BIONIC® Effektor™ Running: Pressurise your performance to quicken your blood flow.

Credit: World of Sports

Credit: World of Sports

When was the last time that you were able to run effortlessly and easily? Do you recall when you had limitless energy to sprint up hills and run along the straight roads without huffing and puffing?

With the new Effektor™ technology being employed to the line of the latest X-BIONIC range of compression wear, running is going to become a lot easier and more effortless. This is because Effektor™ combines visionary technology like unique Partial Kompression with revolutionary details like the Neuro-Response-Bandage. In fact, this technology aims to change the market of high-tech running.

High-powered and ready for action.

In order for runners to develop their full potential, compression apparel has to be built to apply precisely the right level of pressure.

With X-BIONIC’s Partial Kompression, the apparel doesn’t apply all-over surface compression. Instead, it applies it over ridges. In this way, the products can take full advantage of spaces between the ridges to use sweat to cool athletes. At the same time, they also support blood circulation around the body.

Also, an interesting innovation is demonstrated by the Neuro-Response-Bandage. Using a very targeted pressure in a wide band over the muscle insertion, receptors are put in a ready state, and this improves muscular activity.

Credit: World Of Sports

Credit: World Of Sports

Cools when you sweat, warms when you’re chilled.

When the body runs hot like a motor, what follows is a quick drop in performance. Therefore, the 3D-BionicSpere® System was placed over a large surface area on the chest and back. With its functional mechanics, it helps runners maintain their optimal body performance temperature of 37 °C.

Cost and where to purchase this

The X-Bionic Effektor™ Compression Apparel comes in Men’s and Ladies sizes and the prices for these are as follows.

1) X-Bionic Effektor™ Power Running Short Sleeve Shirt (Green – Mens/ Blue – Womens) – $185.90

2) X-Bionic Effektor™ Power Running Shorts (Green – Mens/Blue – Womens) – $171.90

You can now buy this at selected World of Sports stores.

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