Lin Xiuyi’s 2015 Yoma Yangon International Marathon Experience 

This experience of the recent Yoma Yangon International Marathon in Myanmar (organised by HiVelocity), was written by Lin Xiuyi, 29, a promoter for shoe and healthcare products. She was one of the winners of a contest organised by and sponsored by HiVelocity, to give away complimentary slots for this race.

Lin Xiuyi is a proud finisher of the Yoma Yangon International Marathon 2015.

Lin Xiuyi is a proud finisher of the Yoma Yangon International Marathon 2015.

By Lin Xiuyi

Special thanks to for selecting me as one of the lucky draw winners for the Yoma Yangon Marathon 2014, which took place on 11 January.


It was 18 degrees with strong cold breeze in the morning at 5am during flag off. As it approached 7 to 9am, it became warmer.


Unlike the roads in Singapore, their traffic runs on the opposite direction. I had to run on road shoulders, on the highway (in between traffic with proper road barricades, road blocks and traffic road marshalls), in parks (at Inya lake) and on the outskirts of Yangon (where the railway, villages and towns were).


Unlike marathons in Singapore, there were many supporters during the whole 42km route along the way. There were some memorable ones such as:

  • A Japanese family who offered me cakes, but which I graciously declined.
  • There were also bubbly kids in small town who gave me high fives, nicely peeled oranges and a bottle of water right before I hit the major roads at the last 5 to 10km.
A selfie of Xiuyi during her run.

A selfie of Xiuyi during her run.


My objective was to complete the Full Marathon within the cut off timing of 6hours 30minutes and to experience running in the cool weather.


My tour guide and driver from Khiri Travel were very kind and punctual as they made sure that I arrived at the Thuwunna National Indoor Stadium on time for the flag off and sent me back to the hostel after the race.


Prior to race day, I managed to find some chocolate smoothies and cheesy fries with bacon for carbo loading at a cosy cafe called Smoothee Foodee near Junction Mall – within walking distance from the Four Rivers Hostel, where I stayed. This is conveniently located at the 12th Street of Lanmadaw Township.

There were bananas given at some water points but I consumed all my three packets of GU energy gels instead (during the race at every 10km to 12km mark) which I bought from the Liv Activ shop at Orchard Gateway.


As a member of Safra Jurong Running Club from 2012 to 2014, I have trained occasionally with the running group in stadium (for intervals and tempo runs) and parks like MacRitchie Reservoir and Jurong Central Park. This training helped me greatly in my preparation for the Yoma Yangon International Marathon.

Also being an active member of Fitness First since mid of 2014, I regularly attended my favourite Hot Yoga and BodyCombat classes. This gave me valuable cross-training sessions to prepare for the Yangon Marathon.

Special thanks to all the trainers for their hard work!

Xiuyi's finisher tee and medal for the Yoma Yangon International Marathon. (Image: Just Run Lah)

Xiuyi’s finisher tee and medal for the Yoma Yangon International Marathon. (Image: Just Run Lah)

Huge Personal Achievement

Completing the Yoma Yangon Marathon in 5 hours 31 minutes and 50 seconds was a big achievement and self satisfying experience for me as it is the second Full Marathon that I have completed the entire 42km. I am really grateful to those who have supported and encouraged me.

I look forward to many more wonderful races and to experience the routine (train, race, eat, recover) all over again and again in 2015.

My Next Race

The next race in my bucket list would be ‘The Music Run’ in April and I hope to see you guys there! 🙂

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