Yellow Ribbon Prison Run: Race Pack Collection

From 11am to 9pm tomorrow, the race pack collection for the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run will continue to take place at the Orchard Central Atrium. So if you have not headed down there yet, it is not too late to do so tomorrow. The first day of the collection was today.

As Singapore’s only run that tries to promote the giving of second chances to ex-offenders and to help to integrate the ex-offenders and their families back into the community, the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run is definitely a meaningful event – and no ordinary run.

Race pack expo.

Race pack expo, at the Orchard Central Atrium

Honoured to be chosen as one of the event’s ambassadors

I was honoured to have been asked to be one of the ambassadors this year for the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run. Not only was this my very first-ever running event three years ago, but also, signing up for and having being a part of the 2012 edition of this event has made me more aware of how tough it is for the inmates during their time in prison, and subsequently how their release would often feel like a ‘second prison’ rather than their freedom.

Support second chances!

Support second chances!

So I have always supported this very meaningful cause by signing up for this every year.

Race pack collection was very smooth

At the race pack collection this year, it was very smooth going. When I reached Orchard Central, I admit that I had been expecting some form of a queue – but to my surprise, there was none. Perhaps this was because the crowds had been managed very well with multiple counters for each of the two race distances – 6km and 10km!

Collection was smooth.

Collection was smooth, with multiple pick-up counters

So I was literally in and out of the pack collection counter in about five minutes. This was definitely one of my quicker race pack collection experiences.

The Race Pack

Race pack and its contents.

Race pack and its contents.

The race pack this year is in the form of a classy black sports shoe bag, which I thought was quite useful. Inside the pack, there are plenty of items – besides the race bib and the singlet. These include an arm sleeve, a packet of Julie’s biscuits, a sports drink, wet wipes and plenty of discount vouchers for eateries such as Nando’s and Polar Puffs.

Can register for the run at the race pack expo

Most importantly, if you head down to the race pack expo tomorrow, you can still register for the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run – if you have not yet done so. So if you are sitting on the fence about taking part in this iconic race and supporting this meaningful cause, this is the perfect excuse for you to finally make up your mind.

Make your shoes ‘fly’ for a $10 donation

Some other interesting booths at the race pack expo, include one selling ‘shoe wings’ at $10 each, with all proceeds being donated to the Yellow Ribbon Fund. As the name suggests, these are mini angels’ wings that you tie onto your shoelaces to give the illusion that you are flying.

Make your shoes 'fly.'

Make your shoes ‘fly.’

When I first caught sight of these, it somewhat reminded me of Dorothy’s magical flying shoes in the Wizard of Oz! I thought the idea was rather cute. And at the race expo, there is also a large pair of angel’s wings on display, for the public to pose with – similar to an exhibit that they have at the Trick Art Museum in Sentosa.

Other booths at the race pack expo, include a Skins compression wear booth, whereby participants can purchase compression tops or tights at heavy discounts. So if you are looking for compression gear, the race expo would be quite useful.

Angel Wings.

Angel Wings.

Wall for displaying highlights of what to look out for, on race day

As well, there was also a large wall on display at the pack collection expo, to give highlights that we will see on race day. One of these is the fairy tale characters – such as the Ugly Duckling – that will appear along both the 6km and the 10km routes. These are primarily characters that have been given a second chance, and as such, allowed to blossom. The actors behind these costumes are a combination of student volunteers and ex-convicts.

Race Day Highlights.

Race Day Highlights.

Also, other highlights on the wall, include the Johore Battery – a labyrinth of underground tunnels used to store ammunition, the Changi Women’s Prison, the Tanah Merah Prison and not forgetting, the iconic Changi Prison Wall and the Changi Prison Complex.

So what are you waiting for? Head down to the race pack collection expo – for the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run.

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