Step up your training with ASICS latest footwear innovations

This New Year, ASICS aims to roll out its footwear to a new audience of fitness enthusiasts, as the company prepares to introduce a full range of fitness solutions from head to toe.

Come 2017, ASICS will be launching a new range of fitness solutions.

Come 2017, ASICS stores across Singapore will be launching a new range of fitness solutions.

Shoes tailored for flex and power type workouts 

Besides introducing a new range of stylish, layering gym wear, ASICS is also launching the FIT YUI and the CONVICTION X shoes, as part of their flex and power training collections.

Designed for two very different workouts, the FIT YUI and CONVICTION X use advanced technologies and materials that adapt to the natural movements of the body during training sessions, and use this to optimise the workout results for each individual.

Said Paul Miles, Senior General Manager, Global Marketing Division at ASICS, “FIT YUI and CONVICTION X mark a series of new innovations for 2017, as we take our expertise and technology in footwear to create all-round fitness solutions.”

He added, “Throughout the year we aim to engage and motivate fitness enthusiasts as we invite them to try these new products and put them to the test.”

FIT YUI studio workout shoes

Video courtesy of ASICS.

Targeted at women’s studio workouts, the FIT YUI provides total freedom of movement whilst delivering superior comfort, support and style at the same time.

The shoe also has interlocking elastic bands from heel through to mid-foot, that is integrated with the lace – for a customised fit that keeps the foot secure, while allowing it to move freely at the same time.

It also has flex grooves to provide freedom and support that allows the foot to twist and turn in any direction, as well as GEL cushioning for improved comfort and protection.

CONVICTION X power workout shoes

Video courtesy of ASICS.

On the other hand, the CONVICTION X shoes are targeted at helping men and women improve their performance during power workouts, and uses proprietary technologies that improve the rate of breathability whilst maintaining grip and durability at the same time.

Other features include the sole enhancing ventilation and perforated sock liner, a secured rubber grip sole to allow a stable base for agility movements, as well as RHYNO SKIN protective features to prevent rope burn. There is also a lightweight no-sew forefoot to withstand heavy workouts – and at the same time, providing durability and maintaining posture during sessions.

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