The Singapore International Triathlon 2016

The Singapore International Triathlon (SIT) took place yesterday (Sunday) morning at Angsana Green, East Coast Park.

Crowds of supporters cheer on their family and friends in the starting pen.

Crowds of supporters cheer on their family and friends in the starting pen.

A main fixture in the Singapore and South East Asian triathlon calendar for the past 30 years, the SIT attracts participants from many countries, and comprises of the Standard, Sprint, Mini and Kids triathlon distances – to cater to different abilities of athletes.

Triathletes are all ready to go.

Triathletes are all ready to go.

Event was well organised and went smoothly

Participants who took part in yesterday’s Standard Triathlon event – a 1.5km swim, 36km bike ride and a 10km run – had thought that the event was well organised and that it mostly went smoothly.

Get set... Ready... Go!

Get set… Ready… Go!

Said Neil Adrian Aynera, 20, a university Student doing a Bachelor of Science degree in Mining Engineering, “The weather and the logistics were good and I was happy with my performance. The ushers along the route also did a good job, they were guiding me all the way and so I did not get lost at any point of the route.”

He added, “Though the water was a little bit murky during the swim, it was otherwise fine. At least it wasn’t that choppy though.”

Swimming leg.

Swimming leg begins.

Some confusion 

However other participants had begged to differ though, and felt that there could have been some minor improvements in terms of the organisation of the event.

Swimming is underway.

Swimming is underway.

Said Mark Matthews, 37, working in Derivatives Optimisation at Standard Chartered Bank, “there was confusion on which way to go in the first half of the run, but other than that, it was well organised with plenty of hydration to sustain us.”

Never too young to take up triathlon...

Never too young to take up triathlon…

He continued, “The start had been a little delayed though – a van had been parked on the road and that had created some chaos, but it was through no fault of the race organisers.”



Happy with his performance 

Nevertheless, Mark is happy with his performance. He said, “I shaved off nine minutes from my personal best so I am pleased with that. The swim was particularly memorable too, because I had to mentally focus on it, due to currents pulling me downstream.

Taking a photo together.

Taking a photo together.

He added, “There were also lots of jellyfish in the water – they were not stinging but you could feel the jelly as you moved through the water and that was scary at first, but I got used to it.”

Ah Siao (left) is one of Singapore's running celebrities.

Ah Siao (left) is one of Singapore’s running celebrities.

Currents in the water were a challenge 

Also finding the currents in the water a challenge was Sylvan Labattu, 36, a Banker. He said “The currents pushed me sideways and I need more energy to get back onto the route, but then again that is usually my weakness anyway. The cycling and running were ok though. I also particularly enjoyed the bike – run transition; it was a fast one and I started running strongly and kept a solid pace throughout the run.”

Focused on the road...

Focused on the road…

However for Francois Verlaine, 39, a Transaction banker, the biggest challenge was in the run. He said “The swim and bike, I am okay, but when it comes to the run, I just suffer – it always makes me wonder why I keep on doing this sport.”

Happy with the organisation

Running, the Final Leg.


He added, “But nevertheless it was a great event – despite the start having being delayed, it ran quite smoothly and I am quite happy with it overall.”

Young Supporters.

Supporters cheer on their family members.

Guillaume Rondy, 33, working in the software & finance sales industry, also shared his views. He said, “It was a good event and quite shady – I liked the fact that the organisers were able to find some shade along the route. The weather was also surprisingly okay and the course was familiar to me.”

The Race Medals.

Finisher’s Medals.

However Guillaume felt that there could have been more cones along the running route. He said, “I was a bit disappointed that there was a clear lack of cones for the run – as a result, I went the wrong way and I ended up running an extra kilometre. There could have been more marshals deployed especially along the crossroads.”

A triathlete crosses the finishing line.

A triathlete crosses the finishing line.

He continued, “But overall though, I had a good race; I was happy with my bike time and I did what I had planned. The swim had a lot of currents today, but then again, it was the same for everyone, so I don’t think that it slowed me down. The only thing I am a little disappointed about… is that I came second; it looks like I had been beaten to first place so I am a bit annoyed by that!”

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