Unconventional health tips that are actually true

While watching what you eat and getting regular exercises are common ways to lose weight, here are some unconventional health tips – that are actually true, in terms of helping you to lose weight and stay healthy.

1) Eat more often

Eat several small meals instead of 3 big meals. credit: www.livetradingnews.com

Eat several small meals per day instead of 3 big ones.
credit: www.livetradingnews.com

Eating smaller meals but more often, can help you to lose weight. So having maybe five or six smaller meals throughout the day, instead of simply three bigger ones may benefit you more. Having smaller meals, but more often, will keep your stomach full and prevent those mid-morning or mid-afternoon hunger pangs. But of course, try and choose your smaller meals carefully. For example, a peanut butter sandwich on brown bread is definitely going to be more healthy compared to that bag of potato chips.

2) Drink water to boost your energy

Drink water to boost your energy. Credit: turntrim.com

Drink water to boost your energy level
Credit: turntrim.com

When people are down on energy, they may turn to coffee to give them the extra burst that they need. However, plain water, surprisingly, may be a better energy booster than coffee. This is because water activates the body’s response under stress and in turn, raises the blood pressure, body alertness and energy use. And so you may thus feel more energetic after a glass of water.

3) Get lots of sleep

While some people may see sleep as being for the weak (like Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher – the former British Prime Minister – who used to rely on less than five hours of sleep most nights), the truth is that sleeping is very important to a person. This is because sleep is vital in the recharge and recovery of the human body after a long, hard day of work. If you are waking up for a new day of work feeling very groggy, it is quite probable that you did not get enough sleep, or did not have a very restful sleep. Besides helping you feel recharged, sleep also protects you against diabetes and stroke and wards off heart disease. It is recommended that you should get eight hours of sleep every day – including afternoon naps.

4) Listen to music


Listening to music will impact the brain positively.

Whether it is humming along to your favourite song, dancing to it, or learning to play a musical instrument, a regular dose of music positively impacts the brain – it improves the brain’s ability to handle communications, vocabulary, reading activity and memory. In addition, young children who are exposed to music from a young age are also generally smarter than those who are not.

5) Run according to feel, not speed

Many people take up running in a bid to stay healthy. However, if you pace yourself according to how your body is feeling at that point in time, then you will tend to be more happy, restful and contended – compared to someone who simply bursts out of the blocks as fast as possible, and burning all of his or her body’s energy stores at the beginning of the run. So try this next time – and not only will you be able to run better, you will also feel happier and more contented after a run. This will ultimately make you a happier person and impact your health positively.

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