Sundown Marathon: Body-Combating up a Sweat at California Fitness

With the gym staff at the California Fitness gym.

With the gym staff at the California Fitness gym – before my intensive workout session.

Left punch. Right punch. Faster. Left punch. Right kick. Faster. Faster. Perspiration dripped down my face.

This was my introduction to Bodycombat.

Thanks to California Fitness, the Sundown Marathon Charity Ambassadors were given gym passes to use the gym equipment and also attend workout classes.

Today, I finally found some time to make use of my own gym pass. So I attended a bodycombat class. Here is how today’s class went.

What is Bodycombat?

Bodycombat is a kick-boxing type of fitness workout that combines martial arts techniques with fast-paced and catchy music, for a sweat-inducing session.

Nervous but Excited

I felt both nervous but excited about the class. I didn’t know what to expect from my bodycombat workout – something that I had never done before.

So it was with bated breath, that I slowly stepped into the classroom, to begin my first bodycombat lesson.

Eager participants taking part in the Bodycombat class.

Eager participants taking part in the Bodycombat class.

Very Fast Tempo

When the class finally began, I must say that I was slightly taken aback by the fast tempo and pace, especially at the beginning. It also didn’t really help that all of the other participants had prior bodycombat experience.

At times, I admit that I did find myself getting a little bit lost, due to my beginner status. But by keeping a close eye on the instructor, I think that I eventually managed to slowly get the hang of doing the various punches, kicks and the other movements.

About halfway through the class, I found that I was actually beginning to enjoy it. I was working up a good sweat and the perspiration falling down my forehead felt really great. That is, until I started to tire and by the end of the class, I must admit that I was quite exhausted – in fact, so tired I couldn’t do much else at the gym.

Participants are enthusiastically listening to the instructor.

Participants enthusiastically listening to the instructor.

Energetic Instructor

One thing that I particularly liked about the class was that the instructor, Adeline, was very energetic and vibrant. She kept on yelling out instructions effortlessly and was constantly encouraging participants to keep on moving.

She would also constantly give us motivation to carry on, by enthusiastically telling us that we have to go harder to burn more calories, and to lift our knees more, to get the most out of the workout session. So the class was kept motivated, especially when our energy levels were starting to wane.

A Great Total Body Workout

As a whole, I must say that bodycombat is a great exercise and provides you with a superb total body workout.

I felt so exhausted after my Bodycombat session that I didn't have energy to use the treadmills or other equipment.

No energy to use other gym equipment – after a tiring Bodycombat session

In fact, by the end of the hour-long class, I was feeling so tired and lethargic that I couldn’t really do much more at the gym. It is something that I would certainly like to do again though, as a good form of cross training for my running and to get my core muscles in motion.

Personalized Service

Besides the bodycombat class, I also received a full tour of the gym and the facilities and equipment that are available. These included the cardio machines (treadmill, stationary bike and rowing machine), the weights and the strength training equipment.

At the same time, I was given a body analysis and the staff also talked to me about my personal health and fitness goals.

The gym service overall was good and the class today was an excellent workout for me. Thanks again, California Fitness, for the gym pass.

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