Sundown Marathon: Charity Ambassadors Visit Klipsch Singapore

The Sundown Marathon Charity Ambassadors were each presented with two pairs of Klipsch earphones.

The Sundown Marathon Charity Ambassadors were each presented with two sets of Klipsch earphones.

Last night, the Sundown Marathon Charity Ambassadors were each presented with two sets of earphones from Klipsch when we visited their exclusive distributor, Tat Chuan Acoustic, at Adelphi Singapore.

We were handed a set of the A5i sports and a set of the R6i earphones.

Here is a rundown on a few of their features.

A5i earphones

Lightweight Oval Ear Tips

The A5i sports earphones are very lightweight and has a flex wire design that keeps the oval ear tips secured. These ear tips fit the natural shape and contours of the ear canal and makes for more comfortable wearing. At the same time, they eliminate surrounding background sounds that may interfere with your listening.

Built-in clothing clip

The special built-in clothing clip keeps the earphones in place during vigorous sports activities.

Three-Button Set of Controls

Klipsch A5i earphones.

Klipsch A5i earphones.

There is also a three-button set of controls on the earphones. These have an up and down volume button as well as a remote system for ease in answering phone calls. You can also take photos using the volume control buttons on the earphones as a bonus feature, if you own an iPhone, iPod Touch or an iPad. So in this way, it will be much easier to take selfies with your phone!

Kelvar Armoured Cables

The Kelvar armoured cables are very durable and tangle-resistant, even when the earphones are roughly dumped into a pocket or tossed into a corner after an exercise session.

They come in a very vibrant lime-green colour.

These earphones cost SGD255 in stores.

Klipsch R6i earphones.

Klipsch R6i earphones.

R6i earphones

Different Sizes of Silicon Tips

The Klipsch R6i earphones come together with three different sizes of silicone tips, to accommodate different ear sizes. So this means that nobody is left out.

Soft Oval Silicon Tips

At the same time, the soft oval silicon tips are specially designed so that they can reduce ear fatigue and isolate any surrounding ambient sound and bass response. So you should be able to listen to your music or watch videos without any outside interferences.

Three-Button Controls

Like the A5i earphones, these ones also come with a three-button control for users to change the volume and take phone calls with ease.

Durable and Lightweight

The R6i earphones are durable and lightweight, because of the aluminum and elastomer materials used.

They come in two colours – black and white. I opted for the black one.

These earphones cost SGD169 in stores.

Thank you Klipsch, for the earphones.

Thank you Klipsch, for the earphones.

Demonstration of Klipsch’s speakers

Besides being presented with the free earphones, the Sundown Marathon Charity Ambassadors were also given a demonstration of Klipsch’s speakers while we were in the store.

I must say that we were completely blown away by the quality of their sound. So it probably comes as no surprise that 50 per cent of movie cinemas in the USA utilize their sound systems.

Thank you, Klipsch, for the earphones.

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