Are You addicted To Candy Crush Saga?

The more you progress in the Candy Crush Saga, the more addictive the game can get. You may find yourself spending more and more time playing the game when you are supposed to be doing other things.


Is this interest turning into an addiction? Read on to find out what are the symptoms of Candy Crush addiction.

The game consumes all your time even when you are busy

If you know that you have work to do, but you find yourself playing Candy Crush instead of working, then that is a sure sign of addiction.

It is perfectly okay to play a little bit of the game when you are feeling bored or when you are wanting to pass the time, say, during the long bus or train ride home. But when you are busy and you have other more pressing chores to complete, yet you are still hooked onto the game, then you are most certainly addicted.

IMG_1896You always insist that you are not playing Candy Crush

If you are not able to admit that you are playing or don’t want others to know how much time you are spending on Candy Crush, then this is a definite sign of addiction. Any person who plays the game, say, to pass the time would not be ashamed to admit that he or she is actually doing it.

You keep looking at your friends’ progress in the game

It may be a sign of addiction if you find yourself constantly looking at the progress of your Facebook friends to see how many levels ahead of you they currently are, and cursing those who are an entire episode ahead of you.

Sure, you might dismiss this as a form of competitiveness, but then again, ask yourself whether you are having more than just a competitive streak.

You cannot look at chocolate without feeling frustrated

chocolateWe all know how frustrating the Candy Crush Saga chocolate is and how its ability to multiply can completely kill your game plan. But if you find that your obsession about this chocolate is carrying over to your daily life, it is definitely a sign of addiction.

While most people hate the chocolate in Candy Crush Saga, they will still enjoy eating chocolate, and think nothing of Candy Crush when they are indulging in this. But if you can’t even do this anymore, then Candy Crush Saga is definitely ruling too much of your life.

You start imagining candies dropping at random moments

You may be probably laughing when you read this, but when you suddenly imagine candies dropping randomly even when you are not even playing, then you are probably addicted.

Want to cure yourself of your addiction? Find out how here.

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