Google Android 4.4 KitKat: What Does it Mean for Google and Nestle?

As we probably all know, Google has recently announced that the next version of their popular Android software will be called KitKat. This is a surprise, as many people had thought that it would be dubbed Key Lime Pie.

The use of the KitKat name also marks the first time that Google has tied up with an actual company’s brand to name their software after. Previous software editions have comprised of more generic sweet names, such as Cupcake, Gingerbread and Jelly Bean.

So what does this Android 4.4 KitKat marketing initiative mean for both Nestle and Google? How will this surprise move benefit these two brands?

KitKatBenefits of the Tie-Up

Big Coup for Nestle

Everyday, millions of people use Google – a big global brand name. This would create great brand awareness for KitKat and because no money has been exchanged in this deal, Nestle does not have to pay for it. This is therefore great publicity and a fantastic marketing opportunity on their part.

Nestle can sell more KitKat Chocolates

Nestle will be able to capitalise on the Google brand name and the Android logo to sell more KitKat chocolate bars.

Moreover, it is not just about simply selling chocolates. By tying up with Google, Nestle also has the opportunity to give away attractive prizes such as Nexus smartphones and tablets, and free credits for the Google Play store inside their KitKat chocolate packaging. So consumers just buy a “special edition” KitKat in order to stand a chance to win.

This will definitely attract more customers to buy KitKat chocolates, because people always love freebies and winning prizes. So in this case, Nestle will be a big winner here.

Google gets exposure in the chocolate section of the supermarket

By actually linking up with a very popular global chocolate brand, Google will get additional exposure too. Sure, they are a huge company and millions of people worldwide use their mobile software. But as we all know, having more publicity is always good for any business.

In Google’s case, with Nestle promoting the Android brand on their chocolate bars, it will give Google some publicity and exposure in the confectionary section of the supermarket – of all places. As well, it may also lead to new customers for Google, for example, if customers win a Nexus smartphone through the Nestle KitKat chocolate promotion, they may like the product so much that they will continue to patronise Google’s mobile software.

Makes more people aware of Google’s latest OS

To many people, owning the latest phone may be more important than the software that the phone is running on. Usually for Android software, it can take several months from the time that the software is released by Google, to the time that it is adopted and made available by major Android-based phone manufacturers such as Samsung and HTC. This is due to the respective manufacturers having to test the software with, for example, their in-house apps.

So by tying up with a major brand, this will help to spread the word of the latest Android software and people may start paying more attention to the OS as well as the phone that they are buying – thus benefitting Google.

Drawbacks of the Tie-Up

Negative publicity for Google

Nestle has encountered bad press numerous times in the past, for things such as trying to promote milk powder to developing countries and using child labour in cocoa production. So with any tie-up, when one company becomes victim to negative media, the other company involved will also be sucked into this, due to negative association.

As a result, any future bad press attacking Nestle – especially if it has something to do with Nestle chocolates may also suck Google into the funnel therefore resulting in bad press for Google too – and potentially affecting their business and profits.

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  • Priscilla says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  • NWS says:

    I am an android phone user and personally,I don’t like the next version of android to be Kit Kat. It sounds too commercialized!

    Definitely prefer key lime pie as it sounds more creative.

    • Priscilla says:

      Companies will always try to associate themselves with names which sell their products more.

      Interestingly, I heard that the KitKat name came about, because an employee at Google was munching on KitKats and suddenly came up with the brainwave to use it as the name of the latest OS. Haha.

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