Beat the 100 Balls Game: Good Strategy and Tips

Here is how to play and beat the 100 Balls game. (Image from

Here is how to play and beat the 100 Balls game. (Image from

Do you want a good 100 Balls Game strategy and tips to help you to beat this frustrating game and advance to the next level?

The latest game to top the App Store charts is the 100 Balls Game. This is a very simple yet addictive game, with an easy-to-understand premise.

Basically, you are supposed to fill moving cups with falling balls. If a cup is empty or if a ball does not fall into a cup, the ball/cup will be lost. You play until either all of your balls or your cups are gone.

Players have spent many frustrating hours playing and trying to beat this game – so that they can progress on to the next level.

Here is a good strategy, including some great tips on how to progress to the next level.


At the beginning of the 100 Balls game, make sure that you get some balls into every cup. This is because doing so helps with your rhythm and prevents you from losing any balls or cups. The clear cups are useful at this stage too, because they will accommodate any coloured balls.

But towards the latter stages of the game, you may need to sacrifice some of the clear cups. Focus on getting your balls into the coloured ones. These are worth more points – so will give you a higher chance of beating the 100 Balls game and progressing to the next level.


Focus on the cups and not the balls

Many players tend to focus on the balls when playing this game. But instead, you should focus on the cups and keep a very close eye on the rate that they are moving. This will help you to beat the 100 Balls game.

Release only a few balls at a time

By only releasing a few balls (preferably about two to six) at any one time, you will be able to catch more balls. That’s because it’s easier to catch balls with less of them in play. And at the same time, you will not end up with an empty tank and no balls for the cups.

Adjust your valve release accordingly

As you keep on playing this game, you will notice the speed of the cups gradually increasing and so your rate of misses will be greater. When this happens, change your timing for releasing the valve so that this matches the rate at which the cups are moving. This will help you to salvage more balls to beat the 100 Balls game.

Prioritize the cups with higher multipliers

To increase your score when playing this game, try and spend more of your efforts filling up the cups with higher multipliers, such as the violet and red ones. By doing this, you will have coloured balls that are worth more points to work with.

Pausing the game

Press pause when you want a break. Pausing will let you recharge yourself – as well as resting your eyes. And when the game re-starts, the rate that the cups move will be slower at the beginning before gathering momentum again. So this gives your eyes a chance to adjust back to the game, without losing any advantage. Taking a break is highly recommended.

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