Strategy & Tips To Beat The 2048 Game (With Screenshots)

The 2048 game strategy objective is to create a tile with the number 2048. But it is not always easy to get this elusive tile number.

With the strategy and tips below, accompanied by screenshots, you can easily beat the 2048 game – with a very high success rate.

Here is what you can do.

Choose a corner to place your highest tile

Firstly, you select one corner of your board to place the highest tile.


Decide whether to work from the Top or the Bottom

You can start building the tiles either from the top or the bottom row.

A good idea is to start from the top row and work from the right hand corner.

Always keep the top row full at all times 


Do not swipe the tiles downwards

Make sure that you swipe the tiles upwards and to the right – or you will get low value tiles appearing on the top row.


Bring Up Higher Value Tiles

If you “accidently” get a low value tile trapped at the right hand corner, do not panic. Your best trick and strategy is to just work around this area to bring the higher value tiles here.


Build at Right Hand Corner

Now you build at the right hand corner until you match the highest value tile next to it.


Merge to form Highest Tile

You then “merge” to form the next highest number.


Repeat process again to get the 2048 tile

Once you get the “1024” tile, you start the process all over again to get the next “1024”.


These tips give you a strategy to beat the 2048 game – with a high success rate.

Your next challenge is to get the 4096 tile and finally the 8192 one!

Good luck!

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