Tips on How To Beat 2048 Game And Win: Strategy With High Success Rate

Follow these tips to beat the 2048 Game. (Image from

Follow these tips to beat the 2048 Game. (Image from new 2048 strategy gives an alternative way to achieving that winning tile in the 2048 Game. This one reportedly has an rate.

I beat 2048. And now I’ll show you this new strategy to win the 2048 game. 

This new 2048 strategy gives an alternative way to achieving that winning tile in the 2048 Game. This one reportedly has an 80 per cent success rate.

What is the 2048 Game About?

Simply put, the objective of the 2048 Game, which is free to download on the Apple and Android App Stores, is to create a tile – bearing the number “2048.”

For example, you may begin the game with two tiles bearing the number “2”. When you combine these tiles, they will become a tile with the number “4” on it. You must keep on combining tiles to get that elusive “2048” tile – but at the same time, prevent the board from being chocked up with tiles.

Here are some tips and tricks on getting that winning number.

Get the tile with the highest value in the bottom left corner

To do well in the 2048 Game, you should try and get the tile bearing the highest value, in the bottom left hand corner of your game board.

Make sure the last row is always full

Always ensure that the last row in your 2048 Game is filled with tiles.

Do this by pushing the down arrow – so that the usage of the left and right arrows will not affect the movement of this particular tile at all.

Move all the other tiles to this same corner

Once you have gotten your highest numbered tile at the bottom left corner of the board, make sure that you try and get all of the other tiles in your 2048 Game in this particular corner too.

Bring other higher numbered tiles to the bottom row

Try and bring the other higher numbered tiles in the bottom row of your grid. So this means that the entire bottom row will be full of tiles bearing high numbers.

Never use the “up” arrow key

Do not touch the “up” arrow key when you are playing the 2048 Game because more often than not, this will destroy your game and probably cause you to lose out.

Screenshots and clear instructions on how to beat 2048 Strategy Game.

By following all of the above, you should have an 80 per cent success rate in the 2048 Game. But of course, luck plays a part too.

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  • Issa says:

    Did you continue playing after getting 2048? I want to beat an 2048 AI’s score of 16384. Seems unbeatable.

  • david frenchy says:

    i started to play a week ago and i turned crazy .
    after a bit i arrive to the chain logic . by keeping the highest on the bottom right corner.
    this morning i passed the 4096 with on 1024 and couple of 512 splitted.

    next step 8192 !!!!

  • Bonnie says:

    Thank you for the invaluable tips! I won last night and didn’t quite realize it quite at first! I didn’t think some of my larger tiles were close enough to one another but they found one another! I am SO pleased I stopped using the UP arrow which seemed to be my demise previously…..

  • Ham Edward says:

    To the people that say, “Never use the up key” or “Never use the down key,” it doesn’t matter which key you don’t use. It just depends on which corner you are creating your highest number in, which also doesn’t matter. In short, pick any corner you want and stick to it.

    For example:
    If your highest number is in the bottom row don’t use the up key.
    If your highest number is in the top row don’t use the down key.

  • Tuan Do says:

    3 tips to winning 2048 game:
    TIP 1 – Do not use the up arrow key unless you have no moves left except that.
    TIP 2 – Always try to keep the high valued blocks in the bottom row and try to arrange the scores on the block in the descending order from to Left to right (last row) and then right to left in the second last row in the pattern.
    TIP 3 – After achieving the above pattern it will be just too easy to get the 2048 tile by merging the 8 and 8 tiles to get 16, 16 and 16 tiles to get 32 and go on until you get the 2048 tile by merging the 1024 and 1024 tile.

  • Kristi B. says:

    I beat 2048 last night, playing a version that has been ported to my calculator. I’ve used a similar method, but using the top left corner instead. If, by chance, you have to get a 2 in the top row (ONLY in a corner!!) keep playing away from that corner until you can get another 2 below it, forming a 4 then eventually an 8. My method was to form a chain using half values. For example in the top row I had [64][128][256][512] then got a 32 below the 64, thus forming a final [1028] in the top right corner. Following this pattern of chains got me close to losing a couple of times, but I always got past it. Eventually I won. Another final tip is if you get a smaller value in the top right corner (i.e. [128][256][512][128]) build up that value FIRST! Then once it’s a 512, merge it to the RIGHT to get the largest number in the top right! 🙂 Good luck! ~Official.Xian

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