A Dark Room Game: Beat New and Addictive Game On Apple App Store

Your first step in The Dark Room Game is to light a fire.

Your first step in The Dark Room Game is to light a fire.

The role-playing game, A Dark Room, has rapidly rocketed to the top of the paid Apple App Store. It costs USD0.99 but based on what I have experienced so far in terms of the premise and the basic gameplay, I think that the money spent is well worth it.

Story Synopsis

The game starts off in a very simple manner. You are in a dark room. Your head is throbbing and your vision is blurry. And you are required to light a fire.

Once you fulfill this instruction, you will be taken to A Firelit Room. Once there, you are required to gather wood. As you gather more, you will unlock other structures and be able to move forward in the game. You can build huts to house villagers and grow your population, get traps to ensnare animals for supplies and buy objects from the Trading Post.

As you progress in The Dark Room, you will build your village and collect supplies.

As you progress in A Dark Room, you will build your village and collect supplies.

As you play and create your village, the objective is to collect as much wood, furs, teeth and scales as possible, to exchange and trade for bigger items such as weapons.

Throughout your stay in the village though, you may encounter strangers, such as a beggar or a nomad offering items and services. And you have to decide whether to accept or decline these. But do note that your decision may ultimately affect your progress in the game.

Exploring the world outside your village

When you have accumulated 400 furs, 20 teeth and 10 scales, you can buy a compass from the village Trading Post. This is when you can enter the next stage of the game, to explore the world outside of your little village. The game gets more interesting from here.

In the world outside, you will have to use what you have collected, to survive and battle dangerous enemies. So do make sure that you have gained enough supplies to exchange for items such as weapons, rucksack and cured meat – from your stay in the village.

But if you do manage to beat the game, a major surprise awaits you in the final stages.

My Comments From A Dark Room Game

A Dark Room game appears simple at first glance with its layout and appearance. But once you light that fire, you will be immediately plunged into a role-playing addictive game of survival and find yourself wanting to keep on playing.

The game doesn’t take that long to complete, though. A person should be able to finish playing in about five to six hours, if played continuously. But with it being rather addictive, you will probably want to continue all the way to the end, anyway.

To check out A Dark Room Game, you can download it for USD0.99 from the Apple App Store.

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