Tips and Strategy on How to Beat Candy Crush Saga Level 201

Level 201 is one of the harder levels of the Candy Crush Saga, but if you are patient and spend time at it, then you will eventually beat it. After all, no level is completely impossible to beat, no matter how hard it might seem.

Level 201

Level 201

Here are a few tips on how to beat Level 201 in the Candy Crush Saga.

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Make and use colour bombs

Colour bombs are quite important in this level. This is because there are jellies that are hard to reach located at the bottom of the screen. So if you are able to make a colour bomb (by combining five candies of the same colour together), try and use them on the coloured candies that are located in these hard to reach jelly positions.

Combining two colour bombs is also a very potent combination – if you are able to get them both together of course, because doing this will help to clear large chunks of the board in one go – including many of the hard-to-reach jellies.

As you have probably noticed, you might be presented with three “free” colour bombs, but as you have noticed, they are not only encased within a layer of marmalade, but they are also surrounded entirely by five layered meringue cupcakes. So you have to break through the cupcakes before you can use these colour bombs and this takes quite a lot of work. So don’t rely solely on those free colour bombs, as there is a high chance you may set them off prematurely.

Create colour bombs + striped candy

This is a very potent combination in this particular level, because if you can form these two types of candy and position them together, you will be able to clear huge chunks of the board within a single move, due to the horizontal and vertical line blasts that such combinations are able to create.

But once again, as mentioned above, don’t rely just on the three free colour bombs that you have been given – try and create your own, if you want to get maximum impact.

Create your striped candy in strategic positions

Try and position your striped candy in the positions that are directly in the line of fire of the hard to reach jelly – typically at the bottom section of the board that contains the 2 by 2 squares of candy and jelly because it is impossible to make matches here.

Do not waste your striped candies and simply use them anyhow if you get hold of some. If the striped candies are blasted in the right places, you will be able to capitalise on them to clear some of the jelly at the corners.

Focus on the centre of the board

As you have probably noticed, the centre of the board contains double jelly squares whereas the sides and bottom contain a single layer of jelly, so you should make sure you clear the double jellies from the centre first. Do not focus too much on the hard to reach sections, only to realise that you have been undone by the jelly at the centre. This section is the easiest to clear off the board, so make sure that you do so.

Clear the meringue cupcakes (cream) at the bottom of the board

If you don’t want to be left with a piece of jelly without a candy left on it (which will make it impossible to clear and thus making it not possible to clear this hard level), get rid of the meringue cupcakes (these are also called cream) at the bottom corners of the board. You can clear these by matching the adjacent candies or via line blasts using striped candies or striped candy + colour bomb combination.

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