How To Beat Candy Crush 165: Tips & Strategy

I beat Candy Crush Level 165. To find out some good strategies and tips to win, do read on.

This is another notoriously hard level in the Candy Crush Saga game – and the main reason is the sheer number of candy colours that are on the board. The majority of the levels have five candy colours, but in Level 165, all of the six candy colours are present.

Candy Crush Level 165 is not impossible to beat.

Candy Crush Level 165 is not impossible to beat

At the same time, there are so many other factors to make this level even more challenging than it already is. You have to collect 99 blue candies, 49 yellow candies and 24 green candies within 60 moves – and battle the merciless chocolate factories at the same time. Trying to battle the chocolate alone is really no joke – let alone machines that spew out this menace at a totally phenomenal rate. What’s more, there are also the bombs raining down on the screen that must be dealt with – before they are able to explode on you.

But then again, this level is not impossible if you know what you are doing. Here are some tips to help you break through this level and beat it.

 Let your overall priority be the bombs and not the candy orders

Watch the bombs! The one here at the bottom row with the red arrow is about to explode!

Watch the bombs! The one here with the red arrow is about to explode!

When you see a bomb raining down onto the screen, you should try and clear these, because in this level, you only get a few moves before the bomb explodes on you.

As you probably know already, the bombs are merciless and they will immediately end your game even when you may have only one or two moves left to complete the level.

In fact, do note that clearing the bombs should actually be your priority in this game – not the level objective, because of their ability to completely end the game especially when you are on a roll.

Make your second focus the chocolate, not the candy orders

I know that it can be hard to achieve this, especially when the chocolate threatens to consume your entire game. But you don’t have to let it, by killing off some chocolate with every move that you make. In this way, you can easily keep the chocolate at bay. It does not matter whether the chocolate is killed via a direct or indirect move though.

In fact, you should focus on the chocolate second – after the bombs, and not the candy orders – because this also has the potential to end your game, if your board is entirely covered with chocolate.

 Do not worry about the green or yellow candies at all

I cleared the green candies without even trying. So just focus on the blue ones.

I cleared the green candies without even trying. So just focus on the blue ones.

Try and focus your efforts on clearing the blue candies off from the board. Do not even think about the green or yellow, as these will naturally disappear with matches and cascades that you indirectly produce. After all, you must pick up a massive 99 blue candies. So try and get rid of the blue candies whenever you see a match possible – unless of course, you have a bomb to immediately get rid of.

Try and form speckled colour bombs

Those speckled colour bombs will come useful in this level if you are able to match them with those blue candies. So if you are able to make them, try and make sure you use them on the blue candies.

They are quite hard to make at this level though because you have six colours to deal with. In fact, it must be mentioned that Level 165 is one of the notoriously few levels to feature all of the candy colours available.

Do not Give Up

Sometimes, you may not even have 99 blue candies to clear from the board in the first place, as every game is totally random. So do not despair when this happens. Just simply pick yourself up and play the game again, because you will eventually have enough blue candies after several tries of this hard level.

Tips #1 From Player

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Tips #2 From Player

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Tips #3 From Player

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  • Kate Jones says:

    Is it just me but there seems to be fewer blue than the other colors!!!

  • harshmeer thind says:

    very very hardest level of candy crush saga in my life.,……. some times i have only five blue balls but i have no move..
    this level is a wastage of time and money…….

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  • Andrewho says:

    Just did this level tonight after 4 months.
    I have to say it was a freak level with unusual amounts of blue and options to get them. Did it with 6 moves left and no cheats used.
    I will say its hard to strategize on this level because a lot of it is pure luck.
    The number of times i got down to 10-20 blue with similar number of moves left… but just not getting enough blue on the board even to feel like u had a chance.
    It sucked and if not for the owl levels i would have deleted the game.

    Lvl 165 rating: E-

  • Liz says:

    This level 165 on Candy Crush is the hardest! I have been trying to pass it for over 2 months. Getting ready to throw in the towel. It is no fun!

  • Chris says:

    This level is a beast. Most of the time, you won’t even come close. First of all, you need to roll the level until you get a larger than average # of blues, or even better, they match themselves and the level starts with 96 or 93 left. Then you start looking for striped/wrapped combos or color bomb combos. If you get a color bomb and can’t combo it, use it on a color that will remove as many candies as possible from the board. This usually means you *don’t* use it on blue. In fact, you shouldn’t bother matching blue unless you’re accomplishing something else at the same time (getting rid of chocolate, making a special candy, etc.). In fact, the only time you should specifically look to match blues is when one is in danger of getting eaten by chocolate. Blues are so hard to come by that even one getting eaten by chocolate is a catastrophe. Basically your goal should be to get as many blues to APPEAR as possible, as you can’t match what isn’t there…and most of the time you won’t even see 99 to match! So eliminate as many of the *other* candies as possible (again, combos) and combined with a favorable starting board you’ll have a *chance* at this level.

  • Jess says:

    I DID IT!!! Here’s the key– keep the top open. Keep them both unblocked for as long as possible. It’s okay if you’re only able to keep them open 3/4 through the level. Forego good combinations if you must.

  • Nancy says:

    I kept getting down to 12 or so blue left and got disgusted and bought more moves when I finally got down to. 9. I used a lollipop to kill a bomb and had enough moves to clear the nine. Wouldn’t have done it if the blues weren’t already on the screen. I did find playing at the bottom seemed to bring down more blues. I think this level is designed to be as close to impossible as they could make it– ultimately to get you to pay. I almost quit entirely. When it gets to be no fun, you have to wonder if it’s worth it. I’m on iPhone BTW.

  • Peta says:

    Well, I have tried everything , since my last comment and 4 weeks on am still struggling. I get rid of all the blues ( once) then I have 2 turns left and 6 yellows. Too hard!! Thanks for everyone hints and tips although this is where I now out.

  • bob says:

    After reading this thread, I conquered this level in about 4 or 5 tries, without a single color bomb. In summary:
    – ignore the chocolate
    – Kill bombs immediately
    – Focus on blue.
    – Stick to the middle.
    -Take the striped candy opportunities when they arise.

  • Peta says:

    I am so incredible frustrated with this level. I have tried all the tricks and cheats and have been on this level for weeks.

    • Priscilla says:

      If you keep on at it, and collect those daily boosters that you get in the game, you will succeed. The daily boosters may mean the difference between success and failure too. 🙂

  • Luis says:

    Level 165 frustrated me to the point where I uninstalled the game. I have no plans to retry. This level seems designed to force you to buy power ups. No thank you.

  • traduperez says:

    I did it!!!!! Hard one, but doable. Focus on the blue!!! Focus on the blue!!! Good luck, ye all.

  • Bollynton says:

    I can’t remember when I started this level and I’m yet to conquer it. I decided to search for tips and I saw this site.

    I won’t get frustrated, just keep applying all combos till I get it right.


  • ghada says:

    blue candies are very rare to get 99 ones ..I hv been trying but no way with this level till now 🙁

  • LJ_Ponders says:

    Gigi, thanks for the in-depth pep-talk. 4 weeks in & still I am frustrated. Clearly not enuf blues (by design). I too refuse to pay 4 boosters, but the daily freebie spin helps. Question: If you uninstall; then reinstall; do you have to start over? Or will it allow you to go to the level you were at before uninstall? Again, thanks everybody here — all have been genuinely helpful.

    • Priscilla says:

      If you have Candy Crush synced to your Facebook account, you can return to where you left off after an uninstall and reinstall.

      But if Candy Crush is not connected to Facebook, then yes, you must start from scratch.

      Hope that helps.

  • Laura says:

    The colours are not random. There are deliberately less blue candies. When I get bored of trying to do this level I go back and make the other levels three star. It is refreshing to see how much more blue there is in the the other games.

  • Gigi says:

    OMG I FINALLY beat this level, after playing constantly for the last few days. This is definitely one of the top 5 worst/hardest levels so far in the entire game. I thought I’d share what worked for me in hopes it will help others. First off, most of the info you’ll find will tell you to take care of the bombs first & I agree 100%. After that I just focused on collecting blues whenever possible and then(in no particular order)-making striped, wrapped, and color bombs. Many times I used the striped/wrapped combo to clear the board and the bombs. I didn’t really focus on the chocolate TOO much…at first I did b/c I read that should be your main focus after taking care of the bombs but after awhile I realized I was wasting too many moves on clearing every piece of chocolate and it wasn’t really necassary. I basically would just clear most of the board(but it’s not necassary to get every corner piece unless you need it for a blue or a bomb). Then I found, if I was just focusing on the blues and the bombs using the special candies I mentioned, the chocolate takes care of itself for the most part. Also, whenever I saw an opportunity to get rid of blues, I would take it UNLESS there were already a lot of blues left on the screen clustered around one area. Then I would see if I could eliminate other candies to get the blues closer together and make special candies w/ them(I read a wrapped counts for 6). Also, I found what worked best w/ color bombs was to mainly just take out the blues. The only time I didn’t was if I happened to have a striped candy of any color that was already next to the color bomb. Then it’s worth it to match it b/c it takes out most of the board anyway and will get rid of the 2 B’s(blues & bombs). Oh and I probably should have mentioned this first but if I got a board that didn’t allow me to take out the initial bomb in one move, I “rolled” to get a new board b/c otherwise it’s just a waste of moves. When possible, I’d also make matches in the middle of the board if I knew I was close to getting a bomb b/c when it gets dropped in the middle, they’re easier to get rid of, whether it be by matching or the wrapped/striped combo. Also, I hate to admit it but I was just determined to get past this level tonight so I used the “date moving ahead trick” one time to get more lives. I don’t know if it was coincidence or if I just got into more of a groove after playing so long but I swear, after doing that trick, all of the sudden I felt as though I was being given a LOT more blues. But I also read the more you matched, the more you’re given and I did start matching more of them asap as time went on. And last but definitely not least, I used a lollipop hammer which I got from the booster wheel. But let me just say, my last match before using it was a REALLY tough one which almost cost me the game. I saw I only needed 4 more blues to finish the level so was freaking out b/c I had around 5 moves left and NO blue matches. Then I got a blue bomb. There were literally 2 other blues on the board but not near each other. I managed to get the bomb near 1 of them but I saw there was literally no way I could get it to the other one. So I just made a move, hoping another blue might fall in and one did…another bomb! But it was NOWHERE near my other 2…they were at the bottom of the board and the new blue bomb was at the top, so I really didn’t think I had a chance. Plus the first blue bomb was at 2. I couldn’t believe I was so close and was going to lose b/c of the bomb! So I studied the board EXTREMELY carefully and finally figured out a match I could make which would drop the last blue bomb one move away from the others. When I made that last match the first bomb was on 1! And I only had 2 moves left at that point!!! So yes, imagine my surprise that I made my last blue match w/ 2 blue bombs, one of which almost cost me the game. I’d been saving my lollipop hammer for this exact setup, hoping and praying I’d eventually get down to one. And I did, passing the level w/ 2 stars.

    So I’m sorry that was so lengthy but I was reading comments everywhere w/ this level b/c it was SO difficult and I found it extremely helpful to know that others had passed and how they had. So I just wanted to share my experience and say, don’t give up! I really wanted to many times w/ this level. I experienced the same things many have mentioned, esp. the lack of blue candies!(I think they’ll forever be my least favorite from now on). I once had a board where I was able to match two color bombs and still not pass and another time I managed to get three stars and have the #1 highest score out of all my Facebook friends and I STILL didn’t pass! It takes a lot of determination, lots of tries, planning your moves ahead when possible, some dumb luck, possibly a booster, & in my case a bit of cheating w/ the extra lives(which I justified b/c let’s face it, they’re trying to get us to pay for them & boosters anyway. I’ve never payed for either & don’t plan to!). But it IS beatable, I swear!

  • Chrissy says:

    I’ve been stuck on this for ages!! Read these tips and got through the level first time!! Just concentrate solely on the bombs/chocolate and the odd blue but don’t focus on the blues at all. Good luck 🙂 x

  • Maria says:

    After struggling with the level, I read the tips here and beat it in one try! Trick really is to focus on clearing the bombs first and foremost, then clearing chocolate, Once that’s done, everything else should fall into place naturally. I even had 8 moves left over!

  • Tracy says:

    Today I played it on my iPhone 5 and easily cleared it on the first try. Had lots of stripes and wrapper combos appearing along with several sprinkle balls. I didn’t use any boosters.

  • Tracy says:

    Today all I had left were 9 blues to gather but I ran out of moves. Ugh! I am getting there.

  • Tracy says:

    How do you get 99 blue when it is the least available color?

    • Priscilla says:

      It’s down to luck. If you keep on trying, you will eventually manage to get 99 blues. Be patient; it does eventually come.

      Matching colour bombs and blue candies will also help to collect blues on the board.

  • Remco says:

    All the times I made till the last move, mostly focused on the blue candy, I came at least 29 blue once short. Sometimes even 70. I guess I have tried this at least 150 times. I am done with it. 🙁

  • Thanks for the help guys – I am stuck on this level right now! It’s a killer! I got 10 blues left once… sigh.

  • James says:

    This level can be practically impossible at times as there is a high probability that the game’s random candy generator may not give out 99 blues or it will but chocolate can kill them before you even get the chance. I have counted in my games (chocolate replacements included) that I did not even have 99 blues in the course of the entire 60 moves. If anything bombs and the other two are no real concern given their significantly lower quantity requirement. It is easier to obtain 99 greens or yellows than it is 99 blues. If a candy on a wide spectrum Shopping list has such a prestigious quantity then the generator should produce more than adequate supply instead of wasting data on moves that don’t go to accomplishing the direct goal.

  • Sneha Dias says:

    Level 165 is terrible. At first i struggled for three whole days. Nothing happened. It was a repeat of 147, except this didn’t have an end.I Google’d and checked online for any tips that could help me in the slightest way. Those videos didn’t help. I got so depressed I deleted Candy Crush. But I found myself reinstalling it in three days. Still no help. I did finish this level the very next day I reinstalled it I.e today, 21st January 2014. A few tips are:
    1. Everyone is going to say get stripes, match them, get a cookie and so on. I tried stripes and it does help but you got to have a really lucky board with plenty of stripes.
    2. Another tip is that by the time I reached 36 moves, I made sure that I had 66 blues left. I have no idea why.
    3. The Facebook game has a lot of boosters so if you have no option left and 99 blues is all you can think about then go for Facebook.
    4. I found it really encouraging when I saw that there were people who cleared the level and so I’m posting this for everyone who needs a little hope.
    Good luck! 🙂 I mean it.

  • prasad taras says:

    Nic game and Nic level

  • Priscilla says:

    Has anyone passed this level? Do share your tips if you have! 🙂

  • Rebecca Kent says:

    This is the hardest level yet… it seems impossible with not enough moves to get through & many times no move to make, then candies reset & still with no help… not to mention the bombs get in the way & tend to play big part in screwing up what could be possible. What is the deal with this level… it’s crazy insane! Please help me somebody…

    • Priscilla says:

      Would anyone who has passed this level, like to share some tips with us?

      • Waqas Altaf says:

        I was stuck in dreaded 165 for weeks, sometimes I had no moves and only 1 blue was left. I mostly tried all the tech and go through on the web when one day at office, at decided to play it From my laptop …. Bang it was and I cleared it in one go with help of a lollipop as one blue was left in the end with 2 moves .. Decided not to take the risk and use booster …. So I think game on system is easier as compared to mobile … Strategy that I applied was to clear top level of chocolates, get rid of bombs asap, and clear board of all colors leaving lots of blue who would clear out themselves ….

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