How to Beat the Exploding Cake Bomb Obstacle in the Candy Crush Saga

The cake bomb is a relatively new obstacle that has been introduced in the Candy Crush Saga game.

The cake bomb makes its first appearance at Level 366 and looks like a round pink cake bearing a star in the centre. It may look pretty and appetising, but when you start playing the game, you will discover that it is not.

Deal with the Cake Bomb. (Image from Candy Crush Saga Wikia).

Deal with the Cake Bomb. (Image from Candy Crush Saga Wikia)

Why the cake bomb is so hard to deal with

The biggest bugbear of the Cake Bomb is that it takes up four squares in the Candy Crush Saga game and is the only obstacle to do so. Moreover, each square contains two segments of a cake bomb and these have to be removed separately. In the past, game obstacles have only taken up one square – before the cake bomb.

Moreover, if you hit the cake bomb with special candies, they will not be able to clear the entire cake bomb in a single move. At most, only four segments of the cake bomb can be removed at a time via special candies – thus it will take a minimum of four and maximum of eight hits to remove it.

As well, in certain hard levels, such as Level 421, the cake bomb only serves to take up space and gives you very little room to work with, when making combos.

It does not set off special candies

When you manage to clear a cake bomb from the game board, do note that it does not set off your special candies, including the all-powerful colour bomb. Instead, these candies will disappear from the board without being played.

So that means when you create them, try and play your special candies before you destroy the cake bomb from the screen, in order to maximise their effect.

Tips on how to deal with the cake bomb

Make special candies

Special candies can deal with the Cake Bomb. (From Candy Crush Saga Wikia).

Special candies can deal with the Cake Bomb. (From Candy Crush Saga Wikia)

To clear a cake bomb off the game board, it will boost your chances slightly if you are able to create special candies and get these directly in the firing line of the frustrating cake bombs.

Making striped + wrapped candy combinations can only destroy two segments of the cake bomb at a single time. The colour bomb + striped candy has the potential to destroy four, as long as it is fired from the right position on the game board. So whenever you play a board that features a cake bomb, try and play your moves carefully and create as many special candies as possible, so that you maximise them to clear the cake bomb.

Form matches next to the cake bombs

When you are trying to clear a cake bomb from the game board, try and form matches next to the position of a segment of the cake. This is the only way to slowly chip at the cake and destroy it. Otherwise, if the matches are nowhere near the cake bomb, it will not trigger anything and unless you are creating a special candy with the move, you will be going nowhere with your game.

Perhaps you should try using the candy shuffler booster if this is possible – to create better moves to rid yourself of the cake bombs on the screen and fulfil the objectives of the level that you are playing.

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