Tips and Strategy on How to Beat Hard Candy Crush Level 167

This is another level that many Candy Crush Saga players find challenging. In fact, when the level was first released, many people said that it was impossible to complete. Level 167 has since been modified to make it slightly easier, but it is still a relatively hard level to beat, according to players.

Level 167.

Level 167

Why is Level 167 so hard?

The objective of Level 167 in Candy Crush Saga is to clear all of the jelly on the board – within 50 moves. However, many of the jelly squares are hidden under two-layer meringue cupcakes and worse of all, the position of these meringue cupcakes are in hard-to-reach places, such as the sides and the corners of the screen.

To make things even more challenging, there are four chocolate factories on the corners of the board and these will generate chocolate non-stop once the meringue cupcakes blocking them have been cleared.

So then, how do you beat Level 167?

Focus on the centre section

Because of the meringue cupcakes and the chocolate factories, try and get rid of most of the jelly at the centre section of your game board first – before you start tackling the two sides of the board. This is because the meringue blocks the generation and growth of the chocolates and so it will multiply once the meringue is cleared. If you clear this prematurely, you will find yourself fighting a losing battle with the chocolate – and won’t be able to fulfil the objective of this level, which is to clear the jelly.

Combine speckled colour bombs and striped candy

The speckled colour bomb and the striped candy is a very powerful combination in this level, so try your best to create it. Once you have one of these two types of sweets, don’t waste it.

If you are able to combine a speckled colour bomb with any coloured striped candy, it will clear huge chunks of the board at one go – thus helping you to fulfil your objective of clearing this level.

Combine striped and wrapped candy

This is also a potent combination at this level, if you are not able to create the speckled colour bomb. This is because when you combine a striped candy with a wrapped candy, it will clear three lines of jelly, both horizontally and vertically from your board – thus helping to get rid of plenty of jelly within a single move.

Keeping the chocolate at bay

If you find yourself in a position whereby a special candy completely clears the meringue cupcakes that are located near both the left and right corners of the screen, you will suddenly see chocolates multiplying constantly all over your game board.

So you have to try and keep them at bay – by making a move on the left hand side of the board, followed by one on the right.

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