Tips On How To Beat Hard Candy Crush Level 183

Level 183 of the Candy Crush Saga requires you to clear two pieces of double jelly in a pretty unreachable position at the top of the board. These pieces are sitting all by themselves, so you are completely unable to form candy matches to clear the jelly. Also, because each one is a double jelly square, you have to clear it twice, in order to rid the game board of the jelly.

Level 183.

Level 183

In addition, you have to score a massive 50,000 points in just 50 moves. This itself is quite a big challenge, as it requires a perfect “sugar crush.” (This is triggered when you complete the level and extra points are scored when your special candies still remaining on the screen, self-destruct themselves).

But despite the challenges, this level is not impossible to beat. Here are some tips on how you can beat this level.

Create colour bombs

In this level, creating colour bombs (combining five candies of the same colour together) work wonders, because this is one of the few ways that you can eliminate a layer of jelly.

Once you have a colour bomb, take a look at the colours of the candies that are encased within the jelly. And then you should use the colour bomb to zap these candies to clear a layer of jelly from the board. Try and do this four times, if possible. So you must be on the lookout for opportunities to create five candies in a row, here.

Combine colour bombs and striped candies

Another way that you can succeed and make the most use of your colour bombs is to combine them with striped candies. It does not matter whether the candies are horizontally or vertically striped.

But what you need to do is to ensure that the colour of the striped candy you are combining together with the colour bomb, is either in the top row (where the jellies are positioned) or bearing one of the colours of the candies encased within the jelly. In this way, you will be able to create a blast that may even eliminate more than one layer of jelly at a single time.

Play it on your mobile device

If you play this level on your mobile device instead of your computer, you will be able to reach the required number of points much faster, in order to sugar crush.

This is because you get 1,020 points for each fish that you trigger at the end of the game. But on the other hand, when you play on a computer, the number of points won’t be as great and you will struggle to chalk up enough points to pass the level. So by playing it on a mobile device, you will make the game much easier for yourself.

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  • Irene says:

    I have the wheel but it wony let me spin why is this

    • Priscilla says:

      Are you connected to a Wi-Fi or a 3G connection? Try connecting first, then see if you can spin the booster wheel.

  • Dawg says:

    Why has the wheel disappeared? It’s been missing for over a week now and when you need it most, it’s gone.. PLEASE return the wheel….

    • Priscilla says:

      When did you last update your Candy Crush game?

      When I updated once, it disappeared, but with a later update, it has since returned.

      Also, make sure you are on an Internet connection (Wi-Fi or 3G) and you will get the wheel. Sometimes, having no connection may cause the wheel to vanish.

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