How to Beat Hard Candy Crush Level 158

This is a rather hard level in Candy Crush Saga, because you have only 20 moves to score 10,000 points and bring a cherry down to the bottom of the game board.

Moreover, you get two chocolate factories located near to the drop zone and these will threaten to mess up your game if you don’t keep on clearing the chocolates that they are constantly making.

Level 158 of Candy Crush isn't impossible to beat. (Taken from

Level 158 of Candy Crush isn’t impossible to beat. (Taken from

At the same time, you will probably have also noticed the two random candies just above the drop zone, which are locked up in liquorice. This will prevent you from actually getting the cherry right down if these candies are not cleared.

Another tough challenge in this level is that there are only two vertical columns on the right hand side section of the board so horizontal matches are impossible. This leaves you with only one direction to match candies.

But with the right strategy, this hard level is not impossible to beat.

Get the cherry down as fast as you can

Try and use vertical matches on the left hand side of your game board to quickly get the cherry down and onto the right hand side, before the chocolate starts to overtake your entire game. This will help you to keep the chocolate at bay.

Use striped + wrapped combinations

Try and form combinations using a striped + wrapped candy, whenever you get the chance to do so. It does not matter if these are on the left or the right side of the board, as long as you can get these two special candies together to combine.

This will help to clear a row of three candies on the right hand side of the board and this will definitely help you to get the cherry down, especially if it is already on the right hand side of the board. It is even better if you are able to get the special candies onto the right side of the board itself – to blast a three by three vertical column of candies off the board, which will probably push the cherry down the chute immediately.

Combine colour bomb + striped candy

If you get the chance to make a colour bomb, you should seize it with open arms. In this level though, it may be tough to create colour bombs because of the positioning and the layout of the board, so do not give up such a rare chance.

It is even better if you are able to combine the colour bomb with a striped candy because this will clear a huge chunk of your game board and may result in pushing the cherry down the chute immediately.

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