Beat Candy Crush Saga Level 425: Some Good Tips & Strategy

I beat Candy Crush Level 425. Now I will share with you, some tips and strategy that helped me beat this tough level.

This is the most difficult candy order level of the popular Candy Crush Saga game. As with candy order levels, you have to collect candies of certain types. Here, the objective is to match 200 blue candies, as well as five striped + wrapped candy combinations – all within a mere 50 moves.

Level 425. (Image from

Level 425. (Image from

And if that is not hard enough, game makers has introduced several components to make the level almost impossible to play. These include the dreaded new element the Toffee Tornado, as well as candy bombs and five-layered meringues.

In fact, this level of the popular game is so impossibly hard that many Candy Crush players are not able to clear it without the use of boosters, except for a few exceptions. Some players have even quit the game entirely as they are not able to break through this level.

But even when you are using boosters to beat this level, there is still a strategy that you should follow, in order to limit the amount of money spent on boosters and get past this level.

Focus on creating Striped + Wrapped candies

You should not focus on clearing blue candies in this level. Instead, try to concentrate your efforts on making striped + wrapped candy combinations, which are so much tougher to produce. By doing this, the blue candies will be cleared as a by-product of the explosion generated from combining these two types of special candies.

Try and make speckled colour bombs

If you are able to make some of the speckled colour bombs, you should seize the chance. Doing so will greatly help you to get some blue candies off the board. This is an advantage to you in two ways. Firstly, it will go a long way to helping you to fulfil your order of collecting blue candies.

At the same time, making the speckled colour bombs will help you to to remove one colour of candy temporarily from the screen – and this will improve your chances of creating a striped + wrapped candy combination, to finally win the level. This need not just apply to removing the blue candies from the game board, but it is actually to your advantage in this level, if you can get rid of the blue ones

Matching two colour bombs together

If you are lucky enough to match two colour bombs together, go for it. This is because they will remove not only the blue candies, but also all the other colours from the screen – and the new candies that drop down may just give you the wrapped + striped candy combinations that you need, in order to win candy Crush Level 425.

Do not focus so much on the bombs

If you spend too much time trying to clear the bombs, you won’t be able to fulfil the requirements of the level. You only need to try and clear them if the number on the bomb gets too low.

Moreover, the bombs can automatically get cleared, if you manage to make striped + wrapped candy combinations, or else the toffee tornados may be able to destroy them. So they should not be the focal point of your efforts.

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  • Mary says:

    The issue is; wrapped candy and stripped are volitile, they explode. You should get credit for theses explosions when they happen. You don’t. So there you are sitting there when the board is exploding, all your moves gone and it is luck? Forget it. I will play this when I have nothing else to do. It is impossible to get 5 wrapped with 5 striped. Impossible.

    • John says:

      It took me 12 lives,like all the other very hard levels luck has to be greatly on your side,you’ve come this far don’t give up you will get it

  • Fay Holiday says:

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    Thank you a lot and I am taking a look ahead to contact you.
    Will you kindly drop me a mail?

  • Branden Henslowe says:

    Hey there! I’ve been following your web site for a long time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Austin Texas!
    Just wanted to say keep up the fantastic work!

  • Sue says:

    I got through this level just by luck– and no boosters– which is what I really think gets you through every level– sure it’s important to use special candy combos, and to get rid of the bombs or the chocolate or whatever else. We all know that, and it’s just pure luck when we are able to get those moves done. So I was working on it on and off for about three days and got it a few minutes ago– three stars. I agree– keep at it and eventually they’ll all go down.

  • Rhonda says:

    I finally beat this level after at least 100 tries. Try to make striped and wrapped combo right away. Get rid of some of the twisters. This allows you a little more time without them setting off your combos before you were set. When you get a speckled bomb set off the color of the bomb about to explode first. Then try to make combos close to the bottom to keep bombs away. It takes a good starting board but it can be done. Use lollipop hammer if you have them for bombs too. The Blues take care of themselves as you work thru the combos.

  • Tony says:

    I have officially quit this game due to this level. Was just not fun anymore.

  • Mommabird says:

    I have worked this level for weeks…I am so frustrated.
    Could you please do something to stop the madness of this level. Hell, if not for the amount of money I have spent on boosters and gold bricks?? You should give me a pass.
    It’s just ridiculous. I am about to stop playing and unplug from CandyCrush all together. I have set my limit!
    Pleeeeeease!!! I play this for fun, not to be tortured.
    Can you make this game “fun” again????

  • Wally says:

    Once in 1000 times i was lucky enough to have the level completed without any help. Just getting the right items on the right moment. It is possible to complete this level without cost.

  • Jak says:

    Very boring level! Not even frustrating jus boring. Exciting is when you almost get it no excitement at all so just keep hitting till it let’syou when like other bboard. Notice patter 2 levels easy one for months. Sad even boards are predictable.

  • Donna says:

    I finally passed after 3 days got it down to 2 combos
    Needed and 3 blues so I paid 69p and got through
    With 3 stars 🙂

  • Deb says:

    I have tryed everything, ignoring the bombs and blues and focusing on the combos. Spent money when I only had 2 combos left. Run out of funds on that game without ever getting either combo. Keep buying more turns. Loved this game but becoming bored with this level. Most times game is over with 39 moves unused. Sad that I may have to quit. Been playing for almost a year.

  • B says:

    I’m tired of these BS levels that require luck to even begin having a shot at beating it. Ridiculous.

  • Janet Clinkenbeard says:

    This level is ridiculous. How can you make anything when the bombs give you 10 means and then explode. You cannot begin to make combinations to even get close to completing this level. I think Candy Crush is about done with me. On my board there is only 3 other people who have completed this level, all other friends have given up. Its about time to do the same.

  • tunafish says:

    Been stuck here for 4 months, with thousands of attempts. I can comfotably say that the strategy suggestions are of little value. This level is pure chance, and the odds of beating it are very low. I don’t think I could beat this even if I were paying money. I’ve watched them make several updates affecting this level, and they still aren’t close. I’ll give them one more update before uninstall.

  • RDP says:

    Total JOKE! …. As with pretty much EVERY Candy Crush Level. There IS NO strategy in any level. It is ALL completely luck! Can’t believe I waste my time! Just play and play and play and one day…. you will get lucky! OR…. stop playing period. End the frustration and the madness!

  • RH says:

    Jeniffer, try to be relax and have patience, when you pass this level many other hard levels are waiting so nothing is impossible i lately start to play this game but beat all my friends and i am away ahead of them my suggestion is please try to make combos then concentrate on bombs, do not think of blues they will be completed at end it self.
    Best of luck

  • Jennifer says:

    I have been on this level for several months & am seriously considering deleting the app altogether, as have many people I know.. I have come close to beating the level just to have the tornados make it impossible to do so. After contacting King via email I now realize that most people who have beat this level did so before the latest change to the game. At one time the bombs started at 15 making it much easier to win.. Now they start at 9. There is no way to win having to get through the walls. The bombs on the bottom go off before you can even get close enough to stop them.. King needs to rethink their strategy.. They are losing players at a fast pace. No one wants to play a game with no chance to win at all..

  • Quantum says:

    Easy does it !!!
    Thanks a lot !!
    I nailed it right after reading your article. Been stuck like five days on this one… I figured out most of it (don’t focus on blue ones… try to make a combo whenever you can) but I was too much focusing on the bombs… I just used my one and only lollipop for one of them.

    Nice job !!

    (Oh… and I’m ahead of a lot of people still stuck in it… had even messages to ask me how I got through… 😉 )

    • RH says:

      Congratulation mate,
      I am stuck on level 440 since last night 3 times nearly finished but only require one move to finish drive me crazy but this is the game of patience and confidence.
      Update me with your progress.

    • Priscilla says:

      Great! Glad that you’ve nailed this level.

      Feel free to share my blog with your friends who are stuck. 🙂

  • 24 hour locksmiths brentwood tn says:

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  • RH says:


    I would like to pass two main cheats that might help those who are not yet aware.

    1: when out of life-> go to setting of your mobile phone or any device using then change the date to one day ahead OR forward your time to 5 hours ahead ie. date is 3/may/2014 make it 4/may/2014 or if the time is currently 3:00 PM make it 8:00 PM then go and open your candy crash game and see you have received 5 life then exit the game and fix the date or time again i am changing my self only the date.

    2: When you are playing candy crash any level, you do not like the combination at the the start of the level with out using a single move you can go back by pressing back button of your device you are using and do like this until you see chances for going ahead is there.
    Best of luck hope this help.

  • RH says:

    Within a day I have finished this level (425) I am so addicted to this candy crash never give up easily, just exactly in 5 months from level 1 to passing to level 425 makes me feel exited while my other friends all behind me…. this level is not that hard all it needs a relax mind and patience, try to use your moves very carefully and do take care of the bombs but main focus have to be on making 5 combos, to be honest I have finished this 425 level on my 8 attempt.. best of luck all candy crash lovers.

  • Karri Henderson says:

    425 is making me want to quit all together, completely taking the fun out of it.

  • Charlie says:

    I agree with you Debi!

  • Charlie says:

    I don’t even know how long I’ve been stuck on level 425, and how many lives I’ve spent. On PC, on IPad, on android… luck whatsoever! I’ve read all the tips and strategies on all the blogs and have only ever come close to completing the level 3 times. Can’t make the 5 combos needed, run out of moves, bombs exploding. I keep trying because i know that eventually luck will be on my side and I’ve never spent any euros. peeved if there was a way to pay to skip this level I would happily pay! Its the most boring level so far.

    • Priscilla says:

      Unfortunately, there’s no way to pay to skip a level. 🙁

      Maybe can try and give the feedback to King Digital, the developers of the game?

  • yvonne says:

    I’ve did this level over 1000 times and I’m still no nearer to getting close to completing it I’ve been trying for weeks now I’m just about to give up. I’ve tried it on 4 different devices the most I’ve got is 3 wrapped/stripped candy but only did this 3 times in all the games I’ve played I’ve read all the hints on how others have completed the level please king make this level more easier

  • Debi says:

    So long candy crush….this level is so unfair to all us candy crushers! Too much going on with this board and very frustrating. You have tornados, the matches to make, then the bombs and the layers upon layers. Just not worth the frustration!

    • I am going to have to delete this hard, hard, hard 425 game. Once I got all five stripped and wrapped and had 49 blue left so I lost…AGAIN. in all examples everything falls right into place…what a joke. I hate to delete but been on it for months…I just gave up.

  • ullah noor says:

    I gave tried all tips and some boosters too but i fail. Few times i end up with one combination required. (Strip+wrap)
    Its just a matter of luck that’s all.
    Keep playing never give up. Impossible is nothing.

  • mark says:

    This is an extremely sad level.. as in no wonder how many times I hav screamed and yelled at my phone bcoz when I jus carefully made a combo nxt 2 each other da tornados will blast em .. when u jus sit back and take a sec to think abt the game u realise it is so badlyyyyyy based on Luck that it isn’t even worth da effort. To summarize …. played da level about 200 times cleared the first wave of bombs mayb 15 times.. closest I hav come is 1 Combo left and 20 blue left . Mostly willl break my phone in da next few days in disguist .

  • Betty says:

    The only way you can beat this level is to use the lollipop to explode the bombs when they are ready to pop I did this and cleared the blocks bingo I had a lot of chances to create what I needed to win.

  • Betty says:

    I am sorry the above was for level 425.

  • mario says:

    After reading these tips, i almost won, with 16 moves to go, a bomb exploded, the combos combination was already done, it was just the blues…i’m sad now, i’m here for like a week

  • Betty says:

    I have made it to 245 level. They have made this so hard you have to spend a lot of money to beat this level. I watched the video how to beat this level and they used a lot of boosters to beat it so what does that tell you. Need to update so we can accomplish this with out so many boosters. This level has taking the fun out of this game.

  • Maor says:

    Am I the only one who get a 9-step bombs? I don’ get any 10 step bombs! I must clear this soon before king change it to 8-step or even less. So lame….

  • Raven says:

    I am really getting fed up with this pointless level. There is no strategy on this level whatsoever.

  • Aga says:

    I’ve passed this level without using boosters. Cleaning bombs it’s one of the most important thing, they were like 95% of my fail. Then I recommend to clean meringues to gain easy access to bombs and more space for other candies. Also it’s good to mix colour bombs with striped candies at the begining of game.
    I wouldn’t recommed to match two colour bombs, I think it’s better to clean only one colour than clean all candies. It’s also very useful when bombs are going to explode.
    Don’t give up and good luck!

  • Sonia says:

    This is not fair this 425 level i m sick of it. I try to clear it since last 2 months but uffff it is vvvvvvvvv difficult plz help me tell mr important tips i beg plzzzz

  • Terry says:

    I’m still stuck on it after a week but won’t give up, I was stuck on 421 for a couple of weeks as well. Eventually it seems to be programed to let you win because that want you to move on. I suggest a cheat to help is to move your clock forward 3 hours get 5 more lives then before you start the game move it back. I can play hundreds of game each day if I have time doing this. We have to have ways to be CC.

  • Laurie says:

    This level is difficult to beat, but eventually you’ll be able to pass it. I’ve been on it for 2 months so you’re lucky if you can beat it half the time 🙂

  • Mark says:

    I thought games were supposed to be fun???? This is anything but. Anyone reaching this level can be classed as an experienced player but no amount of experience or strategy can make you pass this level.
    It’s well past time king comes up with new levels instead of making it nearly impossible to finish the game by creating stupid ones like level 425 where it 100% depends on luck.
    They now have one less CC member because of this level. Not that they care about the users. All they care about is raking in as much money as they can which I may add they are doing a fantastic job at. Time to stay away from king games simply for their greed.

  • Cynthia says:

    I’ve played this level about 40 times already & I’m just
    Simply tired of it..I feel that it’s pure luck
    to pass this level because they have made it damn
    near impossible to pass, especially since the update.
    I refuse to spend anymore money on this game.
    It’s just too exhausting at this point.

  • Barbara says:

    Laurie I have been on this level for a month to I am so sick of it I no I have played it 1000 times I feel the same way it’s a game shouldn’t be so hard and difficult I feel like stopping playing it to ????

  • Barbara says:

    Laurie I have been on this level for a month to I am so sick of it I no I have played it 1000 times I feel the same way it’s a game shouldn’t be so hard and difficult I feel like stopping playing it to ????

    • Laurie says:

      Barbara, I got so sick and tired with this level but I was challenged because most of my facebook friends have moved forward. I usually play with my phone or iPad but this time, collected more lives from friends and played it on my desktop, successfully done with this level today. If you have the time, go along and play with it. It will get tired of you eventually and let you pass lol!

  • laurie says:

    It was already hard as it..then came the update…It sucks big time. I havent passed tis level for months! Hey Saga what’s with the update..decreasing the number of time bomb and increasing the blues…grr..too bad I’m gonna quit as a fan!!!

    • gertrude says:

      This is a very frustrating game . this make me quit candy crush whoever do this game. is not thinking how hard and no fun to play. for 50 moves u have to deal with the bomb 5 set of candy wrap and stripe and 230 blue candies. I will not spend a dime in candy crush. I quit after one year playing candy crush is not fun anymore.

      • Priscilla says:

        Actually for Candy Crush, I have found that to beat a level, take a break from it for about 2 weeks or so and come back to it. U will then get a board that you can beat. It has worked for me on several occasions. And will be more fun that way. 🙂

  • Jasmine Jay says:

    I just completed this level and my advice is don’t give up, I must have played this level about 60 times before finally beating it. The tips here help me a little but my logic to beating this level was to knock out the bombs first, the cyclones usually help with one or two. Once I got rid of the first set of bombs it gave me time to cut through the meringues. Once you clear the board it will make it a little easier to make the wrapped/stripped combos, I never worried about trying to get the blues until finishing the combos, and by the time I got the combos I only had 16 blues left to get. Just keep trying over and over and eventually you will get it, you don’t need to spend money on boosters or extra moves, just use the free stuff if you got it. I tried playing with free boosters a couple times and it didn’t make a difference, when completed the level I didn’t use any.

  • Nougay says:

    This level was nearly impossible to begin with and the latest update made it MUCH harder by changing the bombs from 15 turns to 9! They also increased the required blues from 200 to 230, but that’s not too hard to do if you can get past the first 10 moves, which is almost never. So unfair for those of us trying to catch friends ahead of us if we have to clear a much harder level then they cleared before the update. This. SUCKS.

  • Sheri says:

    Wow! I have been stuck for days on this level but after taking your advice and ignoring the bombs and simply focusing on the combos, I passed it on the first try!

  • Jane says:

    Have been trying to clear this level for days now, but what I find the most annoying is you think you are getting a combo and then the toffee tornado takes it away, annoying to say the least.

  • Peter says:

    Why did they change the requirements for this one? Suddenly you need 230 blue ones and the bombs went down from 15 to 10? What’s that all about?

  • Meghan says:

    I’ve been stuck on this level for a few weeks. I notice the blues have been taking care of themselves, But Candy Crush just did an update and increased the blues to 230. Which is making it harder. I still can’t get the five combos, but I dread the day I do and can’t get the blues.

  • Carol says:

    I was so far from completing this level before reading the advice here, I thought it would never happen. The second game I played after reading the new strategy, I got through it with no boosters. Ignore the blues. They will happen by themselves. I’d already figured that out. Ignore the bombs for the most part. From the beginning, concentrate on making wrapped/striped combos and nothing else. If I made a color bomb I’d use it to take out blues, or a bomb, or just another color to increase wrapped/striped chances. My mistake prior to this was focusing on getting rid of those initial bombs, and it just was not working.

    • Priscilla says:

      Great work, Carol! Let’s hear from any others who have passed this level. What are your secrets? 🙂

      • Kerri says:

        Same here, focused first on making combos. I didn’t use any boosters. Luck was a big part of making the combos. Had them done with 22 moves left so could focus on the blues. Very hard level.

      • Devon says:

        What worked for me was color bombs every 8 plays or so once with blue and then with other colors that allows more stripes and wrapped combinations.

    • John Smith says:

      Unfortunately, the bombs don’t take care of themselves most of the time. They do if you get extremely lucky either with the cyclones destroying them (incidentally, there is only about a 3% chance that the cyclones will destroy all four bombs for you before move 39), or through some lucky combos early on. The problem is that in order to destroy the bombs, you need to drill down to the bottom two rows and then hit them with horizontal striped candies or wrapped/striped combos. Or, you can get speckled/striped and hope you get lucky stripes to take them out. I did about 200 tries and the best I’ve done is to get all 5 combos, but fall short on blues by 15 each time. So, blues don’t necessarily take care of themselves either. At least they didn’t for me the two times I made it to the end. Out of about 200 tries, I ran out of moves only 3 times. Two times I didn’t the the blues and 1 time I didn’t get the 5 combos, but did get the blues. I started tracking my games recently and from the time I started tracking today, I’ve played 42 games and the first set of bombs killed me 37 of the 42 times (basically on move 39). I made it to the end 1 time out of 42 and in that game didn’t get the 5 combos. So, nothing really takes care of itself unless you get really lucky, which is really the only way to win this level. So yes, you can relax and play, knowing that at some point everything will take care of itself and you will pass eventually — just may take you a few hundred tries unless you are very lucky early on.

      • john says:

        forget the bombs how can you say that when you only have 10 moves i have nothing up top to make,when there is a chance to get something the twisters take it , or the jelly go off all gone in 50 games now i got 26 before i lost with a bomb , there is no chance here i feel ,4 twisters on this little board too much,i’m just about finnish with this if i don’t get something soon thereis no point

        • john says:

          here i’m again now at 75 games still the same bull shit can’t believe that i can’t get anything at all again every time i go to get something the twisters know .sorry i got i combo just remembered wow by the time i get to the white shit i have a count of 3 left on the bombs color bomb will only take out 1 , i see the one video and they used a paint brush lol like everybody got one right and the cost 50.00 to use once and they used 3 hammers also , not so tuff if you have that at your finger tips fed up with this game soon

    • pzach says:

      I got lucky around game 30. Lots of spontaneous color bombs and wrapped/wrapped combos early got me down to bottom. One hammer and one switch with one move left got me over it. It is all about the deal you get. Mostly luck imo.

    • abraxas says:

      Enough of frustration. Giving up gaming Candy Crush saga altogether. Its nothing but cleaning up our bank accounts on-line and credit going to

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