What Are The Best Themes Available For The Apple iPhone?

Installing themes onto the Apple iPhone radically changes the look and feel of the iOS – so as a result you will feel as though you have a brand new phone whenever you install a new theme.

Some themes, however, are good, while others are confusing and make the iPhone very difficult to use. Moreover, with thousands of themes available on the Cydia store, how do you know which one you should choose?

Ayecon Theme

Ayecon Theme

Don’t fret. Here are some of the best iPhone themes available, but you will need to have a jailbroken phone in order to install these.


Ayecon is a beautiful best iPhone theme that focuses on simplicity, but at the same time, it does a fantastic job of making every single icon stand out. Also, unlike some other themes, you will be able to tell the difference between the icons, for example, which is the Mail icon and which is the Safari one.

App Store icons that are not available in the Ayecon package are also automatically auto-skinned. This results in consistency throughout your entire iPhone and creates a beautiful overall look.

Moreover, there are extra add-ons to complete the entire look and ensure consistency throughout your entire iPhone. These are thrown in too when you download this theme, such as the weather icons, SBSettings and Auxo.

Carla Theme

Carla Theme



This is another best iPhone theme that replicates the original look and feel of the Apple OS. But at the same time, the icons are re-designed and this gives a fresh look to the OS.

This theme contains new designs for hundreds of apps and tweaks. As well, all iTunes Store apps that do not come together with the theme are auto-skinned so as to ensure consistency.

Plenty of add-ons are thrown in with this theme too, such as Colour Keyboard, Zepplin and SBSettings. So you do not need to worry about inconsistency when you download this time. Also, the lock screen design is beautiful and simple and it does not “shout at you” when you pick your phone up.

Inka Theme

Inka Theme



A newly released best iPhone theme, I tried this one out and found it to be simply amazing and breathtaking.

It really brings out the best in your iPhone. The designer’s focus is not only the icons, but also the iWidgets. These include several weather and clock widgets in varying sizes that have been designed exclusively to match this particular theme.

What is more, there are also plenty of add-ons that come together with the theme, such as Colour Keyboard, fonts Auxo, Zepplin and Bite SMS. So when you download this time, you can be ensured that your iPhone is fully themed and that all parts to match the rest of your iDevice’s look.

The support for this theme is also great and the developers behind it respond to any queries very promptly, so that is another plus point for this theme.

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