Best Strategy for Candy Crush Saga

You have been stuck at the same level of the popular smartphone game Candy Crush Saga for weeks or even months – and you are unable to progress. Here are some tips on how you can totally blitz through the levels and own the bragging rights of being able to complete the entire game.

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Stuck and cannot progress?

Stuck and cannot progress?

Make sure your phone is fully charged

This may seem like common sense, but it is actually something that many people tend to overlook in their haste to play the game. Before you play Candy Crush Saga, you have to make sure that your phone is fully charged. This is because the game is a massive battery killer. The last thing that you want is to be on the verge of completing a level and clocking a high score but you end up losing your progress in the level when your phone suddenly runs out of battery.

Charge your battery.

Charge your battery

Pretend that you have one move less than you actually do

In Candy Crush Saga, do not plan to complete the puzzle in exactly 30 moves if the game tells you that you have 30 moves. Pretend that you have 29 moves. This is because the game does not always recognise that you have completed the level, if the last piece of jelly is cleared on the 30th move – instead, it will think that you have failed the level. So by ensuring you finish the game with one move to spare, that would ensure you can finish the level.

Do not use the game’s suggested move

Is the red highlighted move really the best one?

Is the red highlighted move really the best one?

If you find yourself stuck and are unable to make a move, you will notice that Candy Crush Saga will suggest a move for you. But do not always follow this move. It is not always the best one to make, because the inbuilt game move generator can be totally random. Instead, analyse the board and see if there is a better move.

Always clear the corners first

Clear the jelly at the corner

Clear the jelly at the corner

Do not leave the jelly at the corners till the very end. Instead you should try and clear them as soon as you find the opportunity to do this, so that they will not be there to haunt you at the end of the game. There will definitely be a chance to clear them, as long as you are constantly observing the board and checking out for the best combinations to match – not simply the first one that you see.

Kill the chocolates first

You should try and get rid of the chocolates on the board as soon as possible, even though there might be a better move elsewhere on the board. This is because the chocolates will spread like the plague and they will really destroy you if you do not eliminate them as soon as you are able to.

Turn to your computer when you run out of lives on your mobile device


Turn your clock forward.

Not everyone may know about this, but if you are playing Candy Crush Saga on your phone or tablet device and you run out of lives, you can turn to your Facebook account on your computer to receive a full set of five lives – without having to spend money on them or beg for lives from your friends.

Turn your phone clock forward two hours when you run out of lives

If you are don’t have access to your computer, there is another simple method to get hold of a full set of lives again – without paying or begging your friends. Simply turn your smartphone clock two hours forward and you will instantly receive a full set of five lives. Sure, this may sound silly, but if you are really desperate to play on and try to complete that pesky level, this is just another tactic that you can use.

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  • Sonia garcia says:

    I love the game but I found that it cheats sometimes specially on the wheel it will stop and it didn’t give the price

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