Flappy Bird Game: Alternatives

You can still get your hands on Flappy Bird (Taken from Dorkly.com)

You can still get your hands on Flappy Bird (Taken from Dorkly.com)

So you have been thinking of playing Flappy Bird, but you haven’t downloaded the game before it was pulled from the Apple and Android app stores.

Fret not. Here are some other alternatives to the Flappy Bird game that you can download. They are all free from the Apple and Android app stores.

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This is a very similar game to Flappy Bird in terms of the mechanics and how it is played. However, instead of a crudely drawn bird as an avatar, you get a caped superhero. The ads in this version of the game can be relatively annoying though, so this may hinder your progress in the game.

Flappy Bee

This game is hugely similar to the Flappy Bird game, but instead of playing with a bird, you get a bee as an avatar. If you are looking for a replacement for Flappy Birds, this is a highly recommended alternative version.

Clumsy Bird

This is a Flappy Bird alternative for Android users. The differences are that instead of the trademark yellow bird, this version consists of a red bird that resembles the main Angry Birds character. The graphics may remind you of Angry Birds too.

And if you don’t want your character to die, you have the option in this version, to part with your money in exchange for crystals that will keep your bird character alive.

Fly Birdie – Flappy Bird Flyer

This is one of the more realistic and successful imitations of the original Flappy Bird game because of the smoothness of the gameplay and the design of the graphics. But a main drawback of this version is that you will be charged USD0.99 (SGD1.28) for a pack of three lives, in order to keep on playing – unlike in the original game.

Flappy Doge

This is a web-browser based game where your main character is an animal that resembles a dog. Just like in the original Flappy Bird, the game is aptly named, because you are supposed to flap the character and dodge the pillars that will kill your avatar. You can play Flappy Doge at: http://www.dogetek.co/game/

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  • santosh says:

    There is one thing that makes it cool and it is the save button which you can hit if you want to revive your did bird. But, yep you guessed it right, it costs something – a diamond which you purchase if you are to have one. Flappy or Clumsy, I think they are equally good apps because they both offer frustratingly good gameplay experience.
    Clumsy Bird Android

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