How To Still Get Flappy Bird Game App

As you know already, developer Dong Nguyen has taken down the Flappy Bird game from both the Apple and Android App Stores. But if you don’t currently have it, all is not lost. Here is how to still get Flappy Bird.

Yes, you can still play Flappy Bird even though it's officially gone. (Image from

Yes, you can still play Flappy Bird even though it’s officially gone. (Image from

Flappy Bird For the Computer

You can now go online to play Flappy Bird straight from your PC. This is probably the easiest way to get access to the game now.

To check out the computer version of Flappy Bird, see this website:

Flappy Bird for Apple Devices

If you had previously installed Flappy Bird on your iPhone or iPad but it is now deleted from your iDevice, you can go to the iCloud feature of your App Store and check out your previous purchases – if you wish to re-install it. From there, search until you find the previously downloaded Flappy Bird app and re-download it from there.

Also, if you have a friend who has Flappy Bird on his or her Apple device, you could always get your friend’s permission to access his or her Apple iCloud account and use this to download the app onto your device.

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Flappy Bird for Android Devices

Due to the open source nature of Android devices, it is much easier to get your hands on Flappy Bird if you own a Google-powered smartphone or tablet device. This is done through the Android Application Package file or APK installer, which is available on the Google Play store.

Once you have this installed, open up your Internet browser and key in “Flappy Bird APK” into the search engine. This keyword searches for Flappy Bird related sources online.

When you have found the Flappy Bird game, you should download the file and then open up the file app manager and search through there for the Flappy Bird APK file. Then you install the APK onto your device and tick the “unknown source” installation rules – otherwise you won’t be able to download the file.

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