Get the party started with the Logitech M238 Wireless Mouse Party Collection

Now you are able to bring the “party” right to your computer.

You can do this through the Logitech M238 Wireless Mouse Party Collection, which was recently launched and is now available in Singapore.

The Logitech M238 Party Collection.

The Logitech M238 Party Collection.

Designs reflects pop culture today

Comprising of mice with contrasting colours and bold patterns, the festive Party collection is a mesh of items reflecting today’s pop culture, such as cocktails, flamingoes, popsicles and astronauts. This is supposed to reflect the fun and boundary-pushing attitudes of people lifestyles today.

Inspired by the ‘80s Memphis style of design, the 2016 M238 Party collection adds new and exciting new designs to the Logitech M238 collection of mice, which had been launched last year – with its colourful and upbeat animal and geometric designs.

Said Molinder Jain Managing Director of Logitech South East Asia, “The 2016 Party collection mice are supposed to brighten up any task. We took all of your favourite things and mixed them together to create a wacky and unexpected mash-up that is on trend and inspires individual expression.”

Logitech sent me a media kit

Logitech sent me a media kit.

Logitech sent me a media kit.

Logitech had sent me a media kit containing the purple cocktail themed mouse, together with a mesh of other items to “get the party started” including a face mask, balloons and a candle all encased within a brown paper bag. I thought that this was pretty interesting and innovative.

The moment that I saw the mouse, my first impression of it was that it was very interesting looking, and notably different from your standard computer mouse which usually comes in one or two colours. The green and red cocktail glasses, surrounded by the purple background, is certainly enough to bring a smile to me when I am doing work on my computer.

What I particularly like about the M238 mice is that they are wireless, can work up to 10 metres from your computer (depending on use, settings and environmental conditions, without losing connection), so this does not leave additional unnecessary wires dangling from your computer when you are working.

Also due to a storage space in the mouse’s nano receiver, it is easy to pack up the M238 mouse when you are travelling, without the fear of losing any “spare parts.”

I thought that this is a rather innovative idea, and will appeal to frequent travellers who need a mouse to do their work on a regular basis.

Unfortunately though, as the M238 wireless mouse relies on a USB cable, rather than BlueTooth – to connect it to your laptop, this means that it may not be compatible with tablets such as iPads, which do not automatically come with a USB port.

A close up look of the Cocktail themed mouse.

A close up look of the Cocktail themed mouse.

The battery life lasts 12 months (depending on use) so there is no need to keep on charging the mouse. Navigation is also quite easy, with the large scrollable wheel on the top centre of the mouse and it is compatible with a variety of systems, such as Windows, Mac OS, Chrome and Linux.

The M238 mouse is an everyday computer mouse that is targeted at casual office workers and students, who do work ranging from word processing, to Excel spreadsheets and Powerpoint presentations on a daily basis.

Mouse Specs

Here is a full list of the specs for the M238 Wireless mouse.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 3.01.53 PM

Cost and where to buy the mouse

The M238 mouse is available at a recommended retail price of $29.

It can be bought at most electronic and IT stores across Singapore.

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