Tips on How to Beat Hard Candy Crush Saga Levels 181 to 201

Many of you have progressed beyond the lower levels in Candy Crush and may want some tips for the tougher higher levels, so read on.

Level 181

Level 181

Beating Level 181

This is a tough level and many have complained that it is almost impossible to play. What makes it incredibly hard is that you have to destroy several layers of cream, using only special candies, to get the ingredients down to the bottom. However, if you know a few tricks and if luck is also on your side, then you will be able to complete it. It is difficult, but not impossible.

For this level, it is no point creating those speckled chocolate balls and combining them with the striped candy, because they will not help you much. The explosions for these are purely random and will not be in the right places. Try the following instead.

Wrapped and Striped Candy

What you need here, is to combine a wrapped and striped candy – and make sure it is in the right position on the board for optimum destruction. If you can do this a few times throughout the level, then you will be able to complete it.

Two Striped Candies

The next thing is to get a horizontal striped candy and match this with any candy. But if you keep on getting the vertical striped ones, do not waste them. Match two of these together in order to produce a horizontal exploding effect that will help you if you position these at the right part of the board.

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Level 184

Level 184

Beating Level 184

I had a lot of trouble with this particular level and it really frustrated me, when I was stuck on it.

The toughest thing about this level is that the jelly you are supposed to clear is stuck in the middle of tons of chocolate factories. So this means that the chocolates really get in the way and you are unable to get to the jelly – let alone clearing them within a mere 40 moves.

So then, how do you clear this level?

Firstly, you really need the power of those striped candies, so try and create as many of them as possible and just grab the chance when you can. If you are able to get these candies in the line of fire to the jelly, you will be able to get rid of them.

The wrapped candies will not be of much use to you – unless you can get them somewhere near the chocolate factories, or even better, inside one of the jelly squares.

The speckled chocolate bombs will be quite useful in this level if you are able to create them.

Level 201

Level 201

Beating Level 201

This is another very challenging level and you will find yourself having to play it several times before you will actually manage to beat it. Here are some tips on how to beat Level 201.

Free Speckled Colour Bombs

For a start, you will notice that the level comes with three colour bombs that you will get for free – but you must unlock them before you can use them. Try not to waste these and focus on using them to get rid of the candy inside the jellies – at the corners.

Striped and Wrapped Candies

You should also try to create vertical striped candies that will clear the jellies located at the bottom corners because this is really the only way that you can clear these ones. A striped and a wrapped candy combination would be quite useful for this purpose too, if you can match these together at the right places.

Clearing the Cream

You should also focus on clearing the thick layers of cream at the bottom corners of the board, otherwise you will be left with a square of jelly without a candy in it – which will then be totally impossible for you to clear.

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