Hidden Features Of iOS7

So you have just updated to iOS7 and are now wondering what you can do with the new OS. The most talked-about features, such as an improved Siri and an all-new look to the OS may be familiar to you, but there are some other features of iOS7 that you may not know about.

iOS7 for the iPhone.

iOS7 for the iPhone

What are these? Read on.

Turn Off the Parallax Motion Effects

If you do not like the moving wallpapers on iOS7 and you find them totally annoying, you can simply turn this effect off, with the touch of a few buttons. To do so, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce motion and simply turn it all the way off, in order to completely get rid of it.

Changing System Fonts

If you don’t like the thinness or the size of the new-look font on iOS7, there is good news for you: You can change some aspects of this with the click of a button: Just go to Settings > General > Accessibility and bold the font if you don’t like the thin look of the iOS7 font. Otherwise if you have an issue with the size of the font, you can enlarge or decrease it through the same settings.

Setting Animated Springboard Wallpapers

Now with iOS7, you can choose an animated image to set as your background wallpaper and will not have to rely on still images any more. To do this, it is very simple. You just go to Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness > Choose Wallpaper > Dynamic and you will see a whole range of animated wallpapers. Pick one of these, and just watch the picture move on your iPhone.

Taking Square Pictures

There is another piece of good news for you if you don’t like the regular sized pictures that comes default when you open the iPhone camera app. Now, you can take square photos via the camera app. Once you have opened up the camera app, just swipe towards the right side to produce not only square pictures, but also to create panorama or videos instead of still photographs.

Panorama Lock Screen

If you have taken a panorama picture with your iPhone camera and you want to display this to your friends, you can easily set this as your iPhone’s wallpaper now. So, for example, you can have a beautiful landscape panorama of your latest holiday destination. To achieve this, just turn on the Parallax motion feature.

Unlimited Apps per folder

One of the biggest gripes of the Apple OS used to be the limit to the apps that users can place in each folder. In iOS5 and below, it was 12. This was increased to 16 in iOS6 but that was still not enough for many users. Now, Apple has listened to its users and removed this limit altogether, by enabling you to stuff hundreds or thousands of apps into each folder. As a result, you now do not need to worry about creating multiple sub-folders, for example, entitled “Games 1” and “Games 2” just to get around a folder limit on your iPhone.


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