Beat 2048 Game Tips and Strategy From Player, Esther Chong

Struggle no more. Here are some good tips how to beat 2048 Game, from a successful player.

Struggle no more. Here are some good tips how to beat 2048 Game, from a successful player.

The wildly popular 2048 Strategic Game, which can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple and Android app stores, has the simple objective of getting a tile with the number 2048. But many players have been baffled by this 2048 game.

Others though, such as Singaporean teacher Esther Chong, 27, have managed to get that “elusive” 2048 tile. So I asked her for some tips on how to get the winning number in 2048 Strategy Game.

Here is what the player said in an interview I had with her.

Esther, why is the 2048 game so challenging?

Once you get a new biggest number, it is daunting when you think about the number of moves you need to make again in order to get a similar huge number to join it.

What was your main strategy to getting the elusive tile?

I read the tips from this blog after I downloaded the game last Saturday. Before I read these, the furthest I got was 512. The main thing is really about having the biggest number at the bottom left corner, and getting the bottom row filled up whenever you can. This is so that you can move left and right without worrying about having a new number appearing on the bottom left.

Any tips you can share to get the winning 2048 tile?

As much as possible, do not move the tiles up. I don’t move upwards once my biggest tile is beyond 32, because from then on you realize that it gets tougher.

Keep the bottom row in descending order (with the biggest number on the left).

If any number is cleared from the bottom row, move your tiles to the left so that the new number will appear on the right (if it appears above, just move it down).

In order to get the winning tile, what should a player focus on?

Don’t create so many new numbers at once. Just focus on moving everything to the bottom row.

What other tricks would you like to share?

Often, you will have small numbers in between the big numbers. These can be quite hard to combine with other tiles. Eventually you end up with all sorts of numbers and you may have trouble clearing the small numbers from the board.

So if at any point you realize that there is a small number in between big ones (especially in the bottom row), clear that as soon as possible.

For example, if there is a number 2 in between 32 and 128 in the bottom row, clear the number 2 by using the ‘down’ arrow to move the tiles above it – downwards. By doing this, it would eventually become a 32. Then you can join it to the other 32. Don’t do anything else until you get rid of the number 2, because once the adjacent number gets bigger (for example, the 32 becomes a 64 or 128), your mission gets tougher!

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