How To Beat 2048 Game Strategy Tips By a Five-Time Winner

For strategy tips on how to beat 2048 Game, do read on. These are from a player who has beaten the game, five times.

In this interview, 34-year-old sales manager Darren Chin shares some of his strategy and tips on how to beat the 2048 game – to get that elusive 2048 tile. Here is his 2048 strategy. 

The 2048 Game can be easily beaten with the right strategy and tips.

The 2048 Game can be easily beaten with the right strategy and tips.

Darren, what was your main strategy to getting the 2048 tile?

I followed the advice from the write-up in this blog. The strategy included placing the highest tile at one of the corners and building the numbers around the highest tile. It is important to keep the base line full of high number tiles to avoid unnecessary complications caused by the low numbers.

In order to succeed, what should a player focus on?

From my own experience, I find that sometimes keeping the highest value tile at the top right hand corner and building around this tile is quite a good tactic. It helps to focus on that section of the board, without being overwhelmed by the new tiles.

To make it easier for myself, I also make sure that the top layer is always full – if you are putting all your big tiles at the top. This helps to prevent a new tile of low value, for example, a 2 or a 4 tile, from sneaking into the top layer.

You will understand this better when you are playing the game. You do not want to see low value tiles taking up valuable space there.              

What tips can you share, to get the winning tile?

If I am playing from the top right hand corner, I always swipe each tile upwards and to the RIGHT.

If your top layer is not fully occupied, try to AVOID swiping tiles to the LEFT. Doing so makes the game harder and more challenging because of the way the new tiles are appearing.

The game is quite tricky too. So make sure that you have some free time to concentrate on the game – otherwise you are doomed to fail.

What are some common mistakes that players may make, when playing 2048?

If players start from the top, sometimes they swipe the tiles downwards and make the game harder for themselves. This causes the low number tiles to be trapped among the big numbers.

Similarly for those who start from the bottom layer, they swipe each tile upwards. This will create new tiles, which get trapped by the big numbers.

Why is the 2048 game so challenging?

The random way in which the new tiles appear, make the game unpredictable.

You can easily get overwhelmed and confused by the number of tiles created and moves needed to win.

I understand that you’ve got the 2048 tile five times already. What is the next challenge for you?

Trying to get the 4096 tile!

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