How to save your phone’s battery life

Our smartphones are incredibly versatile and we rely on them for a large number of functions, be it checking emails, text or WhatsApp messages, making telephone calls, playing games or simply listening to music.

Photo: www.myinfopie.com64

Photo: www.myinfopie.com64

However, despite the multitude of functions that the smartphone is capable of, anything that you do on the smartphone will chew up the battery juice. If you are lucky, your smartphone will last through the day. But if you are not, it will die on you – just as you are about to make that important business call.

Here are some tips on how to save your phone’s battery life.

1. Dim the screen

A brighter screen may be easier to see, but at the same time, the brighter the screen is, the more battery life it will chew up. So try and dim the screen of your smartphone, to the minimum that you are able to tolerate. By doing so, you will find that your battery will last longer than it previously had.

2. Turn Bluetooth off

Do you really need the Bluetooth function of your smartphone on all the time? Sure, you might need the Bluetooth function to for example, connect to your hands-free headset, but admit it, you are not going to using that hands-free headset 24 hours in a day. So when you are not using it, do your smartphone a favour by turning off the Bluetooth function and you’ll find that your battery will last at least an hour longer than it previously did.

3. Turn off the vibrate function

When you receive text messages and phone calls, you may often prefer the whole smartphone to vibrate, rather than to simply play a ringtone of your choice. Also, you may find the vibrate mode useful to alert you of an incoming text or call, when you have put your phone to silent mode. However, the vibrate function uses up more battery juice than simply playing a ringtone. That’s because playing a ringtone uses only a small membrane in your phone’s speaker. But vibrating the phone will require the vibration motor to swing a whole weight around your smartphone, to make the entire phone shake rapidly – and the battery takes a beating from it. So do your phone’s battery a favour, by turning off the vibrate function.

4. Turn off notifications you don’t need

Every single app that you download from your respective app store will most likely come with notification alerts. But do you really need all of these alerts? For example, is it really necessary to know immediately that Facebook Friend X has just surpassed you in Candy Crush Saga? To save your phone’s battery life and do it a favour, turn off these unnecessary notifications and only keep the ones that you really need, such as text messages and WhatsApps.

5. Kill multitasking apps

Many of us like the multitasking feature of our smartphones. But at the same time, this is a huge battery killer because every app that you have switched on, even if you are not using it at the time, will result in the phone’s CPU taking a beating and increasing its power consumption. So as soon as you don’t need an app anymore, do not simply leave it inside the multitasking drawer. Instead, close the app completely.

On iOS, you can do this by double tapping the Home button until you see the multitasking tray, and then tapping on the X icon to close off any unnecessary apps that are still open. For Android, you should install an app such as Advanced Task Killer, which automatically comes with an automatic multitasking kill feature. Doing so will help significantly with your battery life – and you’ll thus find that your phone’s battery will last a lot longer.

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