Candy Crush Saga: Beating Hard Level 342 tips and strategy

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This is one of the trickiest levels in Candy Crush Saga that I have come across.

Game board for Level 342.

Game board for Level 342

This is because in Level 342, you have to be able to clear jelly that you can’t even see. As a result, it requires not only skill, but also plenty of luck and a great “draw” of the board at the very beginning.

You can watch videos of this level, but from my own experience, these do not help you much here. It is because the jellies that are hidden under the multiple layers of cupcakes are totally random and there is no consistent pattern as to exactly which squares contains the jelly. Only one thing is certain – there are 14 jellies in total to clear.

For example, in one permutation of the board, the jellies can be all hidden under the top layers of cream, but in the next, they could be in the third layer – which is much more difficult to reach.

But do not fret. If you are having trouble beating this level, here are a few tips on how to go about it.

Remember, no level is impossible to beat, if you have determination.

Clear the easy to reach jellies without using the fish

You will notice that there are some jellies on the board that are quite easy to clear – especially those on the top. It is vital that you try to get rid of these jellies first without using the fish, to give you a chance of clearing this level.

This is because the jelly hidden under the cupcakes is very hard to clear without the fish – unless of course, you strike it lucky with the striped candies, but the odds of these aren’t very high. It is easier to get rid of what you can see first so it is what you should be doing.

Keep the fish till the end

As you probably know already, the fish eats the jelly. So do not waste your fish on the easy-to-clear jellies that are at the top of the board.

Instead, try not to play them and match them with other candies whenever possible, until you have cleared all of the jellies that are easy to get rid of. Keep the fish till the very end of the game, and you will stand a chance of beating this level.

Of course, it also depends on the luck of the draw at the beginning of your game too. So you may want to start playing only when you like the board that you have been presented with.

Try to make colour bombs

Colour bombs (those rainbow speckled brown candies) will be very helpful in this level. These are formed when you are able to match five candies of the same colour in a single move.

When you get a colour bomb, do not waste it by matching it with a normal candy. The trick here is to try and get it next to a fish. When it is played, a normal fish clears three jelly squares in a single move. But if you match a colour bomb together with a candy, it will mutate into nine fish – to clear nine jelly squares in one move.

The colour bomb and fish combination will be incredibly useful, because it will increase your chances of clearing the hidden jellies that you can’t see. In fact, this was one of the key reasons why I managed to clear this level.

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  • mogur says:

    If you look closely at the bottom three rows of blocks, you can see the jellies under these blocks by the faint, straight lines just outside of the scalloped edges of the cupcakes. All fourteen bottom blocks have a jelly under them at the start. The bottom hidden jellies are all single layered jellies. There is no random placement of these jellies.

    The top 3 visible jellies are two layered, with a liquorice barrier on top. The middle nine visible jellies are also two layered. That’s a total of forty three individual jellies/liquorices that need to be destroyed. Seven fish will only destroy 21 of these barriers on their own.

    Striped and wrapped candies attack the top 3 or 4 layers of cupcakes first, and there just aren’t enough moves (25) to get at the jellies underneath. Only fish and fish combos attack the jellies under the bottom rows of cupcakes first, so they should be wasted on the visible jellies as little as possible. Color bombing a fish generates nine jelly hits instead of the normal three, if you are lucky enough to get one near a fish.

  • elissa says:

    after reading your simple instruction, I beat the level right away, thank you so much, you made my day! 🙂

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