POKEMON GO Buddy System: choosing a Buddy

The highly anticipated Buddy System is finally out on Pokemon Go’s Apple and Android apps. This update allows you to select a Pokemon Buddy as your companion from the Pokemon that you have in your collection. And you will receive candy for the Pokemon that you have chosen.

Accumulating candy is important in Pokemon Go because it allows you to evolve and power up Pokemon, and as many players know by now, some Pokemon candy is easier to collect as compared to others.

Who is your Buddy Pokemon?

Who is your Buddy Pokemon?

Picking a Pokemon buddy is a personal thing and players will pick a Pokemon buddy for different reasons. Some may prefer to go for the candy but others prefer to choose their Pokemon buddy more for the aesthetic value or an emotional attachment to a certain Pokemon.

Choosing a favourite Pokemon

Many players may select their favourite Pokemon. I can foresee a lot of players picking Pikachu because it is the most popular Pokemon out there. Also Pikachu may have sentimental value to many of the Pokemon Go players out there, because they grew up watching the television series during their childhood days.

But do you really need Pikachu candy? If you already have enough candy to evolve it into a Raichu, then choosing Pikachu may not be the best option for you.

Pick a Pokemon that you need candy for

That said, the most logical thing to do, is to pick a Pokemon that you are having some trouble farming candy for. This will make things much easier for you in terms of being able to evolve that Pokemon.

For example if there are not enough Magikarps in your area, then why not use it as a Buddy Pokemon to evolve a Gyarados? After all, 400 candies are needed to get one, which is a lot unless you are living or working near a Magikarp hotspot – and so thus using it as a Buddy Pokemon may help.

Some may choose a Buddy Pokemon because they want the candy.

Some may choose a Buddy Pokemon because they want the candy.

Choose a Pokemon that is easy to get candy

As you may know already, some Pokemon can accumulate candy from just two kilometres of walking; these include Pidgey, Rattata, Caterpie and Zubat. So if you simply want to get candy easily from your Buddy, why not choose one of these Pokemon?

This means that you can brag about becoming one of the first to collect Pokemon Buddy candy, as the update was only released yesterday for the majority of the Pokemon Go players.

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  • Ryan Yao Tian says:

    i left Grimer. Grimer and Muk is hard to catch . I think Grimer is the most logical Pokemon to be my buddy to farm it.

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