Pokemon Go Generation 2 Nests and Rare Pokemon in Singapore

As most might already know by now, the Generation 2 Pokemon have been unleashed upon us since yesterday. And as usual, Pokemon trainers all over Singapore will be on a mission to catch them all – in order to complete their Pokedex once again.

Pokemon Go Gen 2 Nests have changed.

Click here for the new nests.


Based on my hunting yesterday, I have gathered that the common Generation 2 Pokemon seem to be Aipom, Hoothoot, Ledyba, Murkrow, Natu, Sentret, Spinarak, Sunkern, Teddysura and Wooper. These ones appear to be everywhere and I am sure that everyone would have caught some of these by now.


For Pokemon nests, here are some Generation 2 nests that I have spotted.

(Update: Nests have changed. Please Click here for the new Gen 2 nests).


There is an Aipom nest at East Coast Park Area C, Carpark C2.


A Hoppip nest appears to be within Singapore’s Bukit Timah Hill.


Singapore’s first Giragarig nest seems to be located at the Universal Studios, Resorts World Sentosa.


The first Swinub nest in Singapore appears to be at the East Coast Park Area E, near the hawker centre and the Giant Gazebo.

As well, you could also try the Gardens by the bay East for Swinub. I notice that there seems to be quite a lot over there.


There seems to be a Chikorita nest surrounding the Bukit Timah Hill areas.


Singapore’s first Dunsparce nest is at the Tampines Eco-Green Park. So head on there to farm this Pokemon.


There is a possible Cyndaquil nest at Hort Park.


There is a Slugma nest at the Bukit Batok Hillview area.


For Totodile, you can go to Toa Payoh Central to farm this Pokemon. There appears to be a nest down there.

A slightly smaller Totodile nest is also at the Ang Mo Kio Town Gardens East.



For Shuckle, head on to Pasir Ris Park to farm this Pokemon.


There seems to be a Sneasel nest in Woodlands Admiral Gardens, so this is good for the North-based trainers.


A small Lavitar nest could be at Tuas South.


I think that the Bukit Timah Hill area could be a Wobbuffet nest. There seems to be a larger than usual number of this Pokemon, over there.

(If there are any other nests that you have spotted, do feel free to post under the Comments section.)


Some of the rare Generation 2 Pokemon that are present in the game, appear to be as follows.


  • Togetic – You can now catch this Pokemon in the wild, but if you are lucky enough to get a Togepi egg, it may be easier to evolve your Togepi into Togetic. I haven’t been lucky enough to stumble upon a Togetic in the wild, but I’ve heard that the catch rate for Togetic is less than 1 per cent, and that it will run away, more often than not. (Update 23/2: Togetic’s catch rate has been improved to 5 per cent).
  • Unown – This Pokemon is super rare. In fact it is so rare that it was thought to not be in the game, but reports filtered in yesterday that a Pokemon trainer in Singapore had caught an Unown around the Palawan Beach area in Sentosa. So keep your fingers crossed that you may stumble across an Unown one day. (Update: More trainers have caught themselves an Unown, with the latest sighting having been at Woodlands Waterfront yesterday).
  • Other rare and much sought after Pokemon, would also include Tyranitar, Blissey, Meganium, Typhlosion, Feraligator, Scizor and Porygon 2, and I am sure that many of these will appear in local gyms soon – if they haven’t already. I’ve already encountered the horror of having to take down Blissey in gyms near my area.
  • Heracross is, unfortunately, a regional Pokemon. Click here to find out more.

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  • Js says:

    I think there’s a wobbuffet nest in surin park.

  • lolo says:

    botanical gardens is full of scyther and also found pineco there

  • Cybl says:

    I have spin ball at so many different Pokemon stop but until now I only got one special item. Is it very difficult to have this special item?

    • Priscilla says:

      The special items are rare. So far only got 1 Dragon Scale, and I spin till I lost count.

      • Bosen says:

        SO far i have 2 metal coat. One from around Capital Square and another around Ang Mo Kio HUB area. Don’t know which PokeStop as I was using the Pokemon Go Plus to spin.

    • PokemonTrainer says:

      Yes. Special items are very rare. However if you are lucky, you may stumble upon them. Yesterday, I spun over 300 pokestops at the minimum. I was lucky and got 1 dragon scale and metal coat within 4 pokestops.

      I don’t know if it is just luck, but I tried to delete like 50 items from my backpack and went to a place with lots of pokestops and just spun all. I managed to get the special items from that. It might work for you too. 🙂 Good luck.

  • Melvin says:

    If im not wrong there is a small lavitar nest along tuas south

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