Pokemon Go Singapore: 8th Nest Migration *1 December 2016*

As of today, 1 December, the Pokemon Go Singapore Nests have migrated again.


Here are some of the new nests.


For the trainers in the West, there is an Abra nest at West Coast Park.

West Coast Park.

West Coast Park.

Another smaller Abra nest is outside Jurong East Library (Open Field).

You can find some Abra too at the NSRCC (National Service Resort and Country Club) at east coast park area H and the Garden Hill Park, as well.


To farm Charmanders, there is a small nest at the Toa Payoh Lorong One Park. So if you are in the central park of Singapore, why not check this place out?


Changi Beach Park

Changi Beach Park

There are two Cubone nests and these are are Changi Beach Park as well as Labrador Park.


There is an Electrbuzz nest at Zone H of East Coast Park. However when coming here, do remember to bring plenty of PokeBalls because there are not many PokeStops around.


You can find a Geodude nest at Area C of the East Coast Park.


There is a Jynx nest at Sengkang Riverside Park.


Bedok Stadium

Bedok Stadium

To farm Kabuto, why not head on to the Bedok Stadium and Bedok Sports Hall areas? There is a small Kabuto nest around here.


The new Onix nest is now at the Ang Mo Kio Town Gardens East and outside Aljunied MRT Station.


There are a couple of mini Pikachu nests and these seem to be at Mandai Tekong Park and the Jurong Country Club.

But do note that the Jurong Country Club may have limited access to members of the public though.


There is a Rhyhorn nest at Choa Chu Kang Park, good once again for trainers in the West.


Bedok Reservoir Park

Bedok Reservoir Park

There is a Seel nest too, at Bedok Reservoir Park, which will suit trainers in the Eastern part of Singapore – as Seel’s evolved form, Dewgong is a good counter for gym Dragonites.

Punggol Park also houses a smaller Seel nest.


You will find a Shellder nest at East Coast Park Area B.


Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Singapore Botanic Gardens – Singapore’s first Unesco World Heritage Site – is also now a Vulpix nest. So if you are still hoping to evolve the beautiful Ninetales Pokemon, then you should head on to this scenic location.

Singapore’s First Pokemon Run

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