Review: The Ultimate Ears MegaBoom Portable Wireless Speaker

Now available in Singapore, the UE (Ultimate Ears) MegaBoom speaker is billed as the next generation portable wireless speaker that is set to deliver more power, sound, bass and mayhem – that you possibly have ever experienced before.

Blasting out 360-degrees sound together with heart pounding bass, the UE MegaBoom is IPX7 waterproof certified – which means that you can safely and comfortably immerse the speaker in water for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 metre.  So this means that getting caught in a downpour with this speaker will not be an issue.

As well, the UE MegaBoom speaker also has stain resistant acoustic skin, as well as a durable grab and go design, so it can be carried around without difficulties.

The Ultimate Ears MegaBoom speaker is small, compact and powerful.

Moreover, this powerful speaker is also less than 1kg in weight.

Said Rory Dooley, Senior Vice President of UE, “We designed the UE MegaBoom speaker to be strong enough to withstand your life and your adventures and allow you to share the magic of music wherever you go.”

A portable and easy to carry speaker

I had the opportunity to review a UE MegaBoom wireless speaker, recently.

At first glance, the speaker is indeed very portable and easy to transport; I can hold it easily in my hands or else have it inside a backpack when going for hiking trips as well as picnics, without much difficulties.

Easy to connect with my iPhone 7 Plus

Connecting the UE MegaBoom speaker to my iPhone 7 Plus is also easy. All I need to do is to simply turn on the BlueTooth function in both my phone and the speaker and the two devices are automatically connected.

There is no need to download any apps in order to get things going. So I think that this is great and also quite fuss-free.

Decent sound quality

Sound wise, the speaker is decent enough. The sound quality may not be the best that I have heard, but for such a small and portable device, it does rather well.

The sound quality is quite decent.

Added my dad, “Do not judge the speaker by its size. It is powerful with a strong sound.”

He continued, “However it would be nicer if there was a deeper bass and the treble range could be extended further.”

The sound quality can actually be adjusted to some extent, by downloading a free app called ‘MegaBoom’ from the App Store, but there were limitations to the amount of adjustments that could be made.

Loud and energetic

I felt that the sound is also loud and powerful enough, to be heard from every room in a small house or a typical HDB flat in Singapore.

As such, only one MegaBoom speaker is more than enough, for a small house party – even though the speakers can actually be easily connected to one another in order to play your favourite songs simultaneously.

Agreed dad, “If you place the speaker in the middle of a home, of about 150 square metres, you should be able to activate and control the speaker from all areas and rooms in the house.”

The sound volume can also be adjusted easily through pressing the super huge “+” and “-“ buttons, both of which are printed on the speaker itself. To me, I felt these buttons are “idiot proof” and very hard to miss.

The speaker is loud and energetic.

Sound Quality

I also noticed that when the speaker was relatively near my phone, the sound quality was pretty smooth flowing, and without cracking up.

But when my phone was placed in another room, though, the sound of the music had started breaking up a little, possibly due to the BlueTooth being a tad out of range or being absorbed and filtered out by the walls and doorways, although the speaker’s wireless BlueTooth range is advertised as being about 30 metres.

Powerful Battery

Battery wise, the speaker is quite powerful. It has an advertised battery life of 20 hours. Upon charging the speaker to maximum, we had been able to play it for more than 10 hours without any problems of it running out of juice.

This is really great, because it means that you do not need to bring a portable charger or look for a power plug – to keep the speaker running during long hikes or parties that may last for several hours at a stretch.

The speaker has a powerful 20-hour battery life.

Explained Dooley, “People want their music wherever they go, and to be a part of everything they do.”

Cost and where to buy the speaker

The UE MegaBoom speaker is available at a recommended retail price of SGD399 and it can be bought at most of the tech stores across Singapore.

So then, for this festive season, why not get a UE MegaBoom speaker – to blast out those joyous and lively Chinese New Year songs to get your guests in the festive mood, when they come for their visiting rounds, this Chinese New Year?

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