The Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch: Is It Really What It Seems?

As you probably know, Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smart watch will be made available to the public on 25 September. However, customers living in countries such as the USA, Japan and Singapore may have to wait till October before they can get their hands on this device.

Gear smartwatchBut is Samsung’s smartphone watch really a game-changing device that will alter the future of wearable tech and launch a new era in technology devices worldwide?

In my opinion, the Galaxy Gear smart watch will not change the world and bring about a new era in technology. I think that it is merely Samsung’s futile attempt to compete with rivals Apple and Google – but this device won’t take off, unless major improvements are made to it.

Here are my reasons why the Galaxy Gear smart watch is simply over-hyped and possibly setting itself up for failure.

The watch is too big and bulky

Measuring 56.6 mm by 38.8 mm and weighing 738 grams, the Galaxy Gear is quite heavy and bulky for a watch. As a result, it may turn off ladies or people who have small arms and wrists.

In order to cater to the smaller-built people, Samsung can consider making the watch in several sizes so that customers can choose whatever size they want.

The battery life is not very long

The average battery life of the Galaxy Gear is about 25 hours. However, it may last a shorter time with intense usage. As a result, users will find themselves constantly having to search for power plugs to keep their watch active, and this can be a hassle.

In order to improve battery life, Samsung can consider using the longer life batteries, instead of rechargeable ones.

It is only compatible with the Galaxy Note 3

At present, the Galaxy Gear smart watch is only compatible with the Galaxy Note 3, which is the new smartphone that is being launched at the same time as the Galaxy Gear smart watch.

By doing this, Samsung is practically forcing people to part with money on a brand new smartphone even though some may have one already. So by making their smart watch only compatible with their new smartphone, Samsung may be setting their new innovation up to fail – so it won’t be a game changer. 

Your Galaxy Note 3 smartphone must be in close proximity to the watch

One of the biggest pitfalls of the Galaxy Gear is that it requires a smartphone (at present, only the Galaxy Note 3) to operate. Both devices have to actually be paired together and in close proximity to each other, to make the watch function.

In this way, you are not completely free of the smartphone. So you will still have to carry it, when you go out for your jogging or cycling session. You cannot do away with the phone completely.

By making the watch compatible only with their Galaxy Note 3 smartphone, Samsung is actually driving away customers, for example, those who prefer to use iPhones. They would not see the need to buy a Samsung phone just to wear the Galaxy Gear smart watch.

In order to make the Galaxy Gear a truly game changing device, such as the Apple iPhone was when it was first launched, Samsung could actually consider making it work independently of any smartphone and be able to function as a phone cum watch on its own. This would then definitely turn it into a device that people will sit up and take notice.

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