Should You Upgrade To iOS7 Or Stay On iOS6?


Should you upgrade to iOS7?

The public release of iOS7 is just around the corner – and there is a date for it: September 18, to be exact.

Most iPhone users will probably be flocking to iTunes or upgrading to iOS7 over-the-air as soon as iOS7 is out, just like what happened with all previous new iPhone OS releases. Of course, if you are running the stock version of iOS, the decision is simple: To upgrade and enjoy the latest that Apple has to offer.

But what if you are jailbroken on iOS6? Then the decision becomes so much harder. Should you upgrade to iOS7 or just stay put on the older iOS6, until the jailbreak for iOS7 comes?

Exciting new features built into iOS7

Compared to iOS6, the new iOS7 software has undergone a complete revamp. These include many new features such as multitasking now being available and settings being adjusted through the notification centre instead of the iPhone’s Settings app. Previously, they were functions that were only available through a jailbreak.

In addition, there has been a huge physical change to iOS7, such as the introduction of icons that are much brighter and flatter in appearance. Other enhancements include the more “invisible” look to the phone’s lock screen.

So if you want to experience these new features, then go ahead and upgrade your iPhone to the latest iOS7.

But there is a huge drawback to this – if you upgrade, you cannot downgrade back to iOS6 again and get your jailbreak back, if you tire of the new improvements to the software.

To find out more iOS7 features, check them out here.

Still key jailbreak features missing from iOS7

Even despite the new enhancements, some of which have been directly taken from the jailbreak community itself, there are still a whole lot more features that you can gain access to, if you stay on your jailbroken version of iOS6.

For example, there is no quick reply or quick compose function built into iOS7, and many of those who jailbreak their iPhones rely on the much-enhanced Bite SMS. So if you are one of these people, it is best not to upgrade. Zephyr is another popular jailbreak tweak that the stock version of iOS7 lacks.

And if you are not a fan of the flat icon look (which you can already sample through several themes if you are jailbroken) and you can’t wait to get rid of this “ugly enhancement” to the iOS, then you may be better off waiting for the iOS7 jailbreak before you actually upgrade.

Features you are most reliant on

A good way to decide whether to upgrade or not, is to find out whether you are able to live with only the tweaks that will be built into iOS7. If you have SbSettings, you can simply disable tweaks through “mobile substrate addons” or else just un-install them altogether.

It may take a while getting used to a “stock” version of the iOS again, but if you find that you have too many tweaks that help to improve the overall functionality of your iPhone, then it’s best to stay on iOS6 and wait.

After all, if you want your phone to “look” like iOS7, there are always themes and tweaks that you can download – in order to “trick” others that you are indeed using iOS7.

Find out more on how to “replicate” iOS7 here.

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