How To Play and Beat Piano Tiles Game and Don’t Tap the White Tile Game: Strategy and Tips For High Score

Piano Tiles Game and Don’t Tap the White Tile Game both have a similar objective. For Good Strategy tips to play and beat these two games, read on.

These games are based on the Don’t Step the White Tile, which is another similar Apple and Android game.

Don't Tap the White Tile is a fast-rising game on Apple and Android.

Piano Tiles and Don’t Tap the White Tile, are based on the Don’t Step the White Tile game. (Image from

Simply put, the objective is that you must tap on the black tiles as and when you see them, as fast as possible – without touching the white ones. If you touch even just one white tile, then you will immediately lose the game.

However, despite the very simple objective, the Piano Tiles and Don’t Tap the White Tile games are actually a lot tougher than it may seem at first glance.

Here are good play tips and strategies that you can use, to play and beat your high score at Piano Tiles and Don’t Tap the White Tile games and beat your high score.

Your device must be in a comfortable position

Try to position your device in a comfortable position for you. This should help you to concentrate on the gameplay much better. You can put the game on a table or hold it in the palm of your hand, whichever way is better for you.

Anticipate where the tiles will fall

When you play the game, do note that as you tap the black tiles, they will move off the screen. As a result, the other rows of tiles will move down a row. Try to anticipate where these tiles will fall. If you anticipate wrongly, or if you don’t react to the change in position of the tiles, you will end up tapping the white tiles instead – which you do not want.

Use both hands

Sometimes, playing the game with both hands may help. If your device screen is big, try to use the left hand for tiles on the left side of the screen, and your right hand for those tiles on the right. Using both hands requires less effort on your part, and may help you to clear the black tiles more effectively.

Try to relax

When you are playing, you must make sure that you have some free time, so that you are more relaxed. Do not play when you are in a stressful situation or when you are trying to vent out anger. If you do, you may make mistakes. So before you pick your device up to play this game, try and make sure you are feeling peaceful, calm and relaxed.

And when you tap a white tile and lose the game, let your frustrations ease off before you play again – otherwise you’ll never be able to beat your high scores at the Piano Tiles, Don’t Tap the White Tile and Don’t Step the White Tile games.

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