Beat Candy Crush Level 181: Tips and Strategy

To Beat Candy Crush Level 181 with some good Tips and Strategy, do read on.

Many readers have been asking for more tips on how to beat Level 181 in the Candy Crush game, so let’s first take a look at why this level is so hard. Then we’ll talk about how to beat Level 181.

Level 181 of Candy Crush Saga.

Level 181 of Candy Crush Saga

Why is Level 181 so Hard?

This level may look easy at first glance, but in fact it is one of the hardest levels in the entire game.

One of the reasons why Level 181 is so hard is because the part of the board whereby the ingredients enter and exit the board is on the side, and not via the main board in the centre of the screen.

You also have to get past quite a few of those pesky four or five layered meringue cupcakes in order to drop the ingredients to the bottom of your screen. Even if you do blast enough meringue cupcakes to get candy combinations on this part of the screen, the fact that this area is only one candy wide, makes it even more tricky because you can only get vertical matches and not horizontal ones

As a result of the layout, even the speckled colour bombs or wrapped candies are not very useful. So this will not help you very much in this level.

So then, how on earth do you beat Level 181? Read on, to find out.

Horizontal striped candy blasts

The best way to beat this level is to keep on making horizontal striped candies and continuously blast these straight into the meringue cupcakes.

The catch is that you have to create these horizontal striped candies and bring them down to the exact place that you need them to be, in order to blast the meringue cupcake that needs to be eliminated. If you clear them off at the wrong place, you are merely only wasting your special candies and moves.

So if you get a vertical striped candy, you could match this with another striped candy. This can be either horizontal or vertical – and you will benefit from a horizontal, as well as a vertical line blast. This will help to clear a meringue layer. So do create vertical striped candies when the opportunity does come. But just don’t use them up with normal candies.

Colour bombs + striped candy combinations

Creating these candy combinations can be quite useful, because they help to create both horizontal and vertical blasts. So if you are fortunate enough to make a colour bomb (by matching five candies of the same colour together), do not waste it by matching it with a normal candy.

In order for it to be effective, you must get it next to a striped candy to blast a large chunk of the board – and possibly clearing several layers of those meringue cupcakes at the same time.

Wrapped Candy + Striped Candy

If you see a wrapped candy on your board, do not use this by itself because you would simply be wasting your special candy. You must try and match it with a striped one – so that you can clear three horizontal rows off your board.

As well, position your wrapped and striped combination towards the bottom of the board, in direct firing aim to the meringue cupcakes – for maximum effect. It may not be easy to get it there, but this combination too, would be a powerful one and help tremendously in clearing this level.

But I Still Need More Tips

If you have read through these tips and you still need some help with Level 181 of Candy Crush Saga, I have some great news for you guys.

I have spoken to another player who has also managed to beat Level 181 – and he hasn’t used a single booster to do so. He has some extremely detailed tips on exactly what you can do to go about beating Level 181.


To read what Candy Crush fan Clay Landon has to say, and find out what his detailed tips are, click here.

To find out what Jasmine Jay, who’s completed the entire Candy Crush Game, says about Level 181, click here.

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  • […] Tips How to Beat Candy Crush Level 181 | – Check out these useful tips on How to Beat Candy Crush Level 181. These explain why Candy Crush 181 is so hard and what you can do to win. Click here. … hardest level in candy saga is there any cheats to skip this level. Reply. Priscilla says: 19 January, … […]

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  • Gigi says:

    I can’t believe I finally just passed this level! I’ve been trying consistently for around a cpl of weeks, I’ve lost track. I’ve never found a level so hard or so discouraging and it was only reading others comments and knowing it could be done that helped me not to give up. So I wanted to put in my own 2 cents…the #1 thing which helped me to beat it was just as I said, perserverence. Just don’t give up and play it as often as you can, b/c I found the more I played, in general the better I got at it.

    Also, I’ve seen a lot of different advice given about color bombs, some feel they are useless, some don’t. In my experience, they actually can come in handy when matched w/ a stripe but I learned if I was going to do that, I would make sure to match other colors to bring as many of the same colors as the striped candy down into the part of the board where they could hit the collums.

    Otherwise, yes they’re useless. Sometimes that would backfire and I’d end up setting off the bomb by accident or something else like a wrapped and a cascade would happen.

    But when I finally beat it, that was one of the things that helped. I made sure to set it up VERY carefully this time. Also, if you have a matching candy over the ingrediant and make it a striped, it can cause it to either break through the layers or even go down.

    Last night I managed to get one ingrediant down but not the other that way as I think someone above mentioned was possible. Also just make as many strpes as you can(vertical too since they can be matched w/ a wrapped). After playing the same board so long I got good at matching them..oh also vertical can be mixed w/ horizontal of course too.

    I actually almost didn’t make my last match which won the game for me. I already had a cpl of horizontal stripes and was going to just work on getting them lined up right when I got down to one collum on each side. I saw I could make one more but hesitated b/c sometimes making too many I found can also backfire(again by causing a cascade setting off things you didn’t mean to, etc)…but since I had over 5 moves lefr I figured it couldn’t hurt and that last match ended up being what won the game for me. It fell into the line I needed and I was able to set it off right away so TG I went for it.

    So for those of you stuck, I know this level is awful but it CAN be defeated! Don’t give up! Oh & I ended up beating it w/ 3 stars to my amazement AND I did it w/ no boosters.

    I was honestly thinking of giving up at one point too before reading others success stories. Again, it’s just perserverence! And lots of it! Good luck everyone! 🙂

  • Dave says:

    This level is definitely ridiculously hard!

  • Dana D says:

    I am so glad I finally found this site! I really don’t find the YouTubes helpful for Candy Crush. For Level 181, I am relieved to find out two things: 1)It is one of the most difficult levels in the game and 2) It took a player from early December to New Year’s to beat it.
    I long ago realized the color bombs that when combined with a striped candy turn all candies that color to stripes are nearly useless. I do not want to spend hours figuring out why, but I am glad to see so many fellow players confirm my experience.
    Since Color Bomb/Stripe combos don’t work and neither do Wrapped/Wrapped combos, that leaves Striped/Wrapped combos which you want in the 5, 6, 7, 8, row from the top NOT in the 1, 2, 3, 4, or 9th rows! And Horizontal candies and hope for the best.
    I did stumble onto a strange occurrence: I had a color candy in the top of one of the outside rows where the fruit is and I turned it into a Stripe with a Color/Stripe combo and the stripe happened to go vertical and blow one layer of meringue away. That leaves the sides unequal and I am not about to invest the time to figure out if this is a sequence of steps where you could do this enough to blow up meringue, but I had not seen this in the previous comments, so I threw it in.
    Finally, I don’t see this comment, so I don’t know if they are deleted or if they are just not stated. But when I get frustrated with a level on any King game, if I go away for several days King is so happy to have me back they make it easy basically give me an exploding screen which blows me past the level. It makes the game fun again and I keep playing. I am pretty much at that point now! Just leave the game alone and see if it wants to let me past this level in a few days!

  • I’m still stuck on level 181 because it is hard as nails that me and my dad CANNOT even beat to get through. It’s an Ingredients level where you’ll have to bring ALL the ingredients down to the bottom to earn 10,000 points for evey ingredient you bring down. The best bet on that level would be color bombs with striped candies OR wrapped candies with striped candies for a GOOD strategy because I’ve been making them a lot of times that I still can’t get past level 181. IF anyone beats level 181, let me know what that strategy was so I’ll use it wisely for 35 moves.

  • hardest level in candy saga is there any cheats to skip this level

    • Priscilla says:

      Sorry, no cheats to skip this level, but i have some GOOD news for you!

      I have just interviewed a Candy Crush fan who has beaten this level. He’s got plenty of tips to share with you! You can read his interview at:

      • Don says:

        How do you eliminate 2400 minutes of time to next game???

        • Priscilla says:

          Sorry, I don’t quite get your point. I understand Level 181 is not a timed level..

        • Laura says:

          If you’ve been setting your clock forward to play the game
          endlessly you can get into trouble and end up showing a long wait
          time like that. You could take a couple days off to get rid of the 2400
          minutes (40 hours). Or Play around with setting your clock forward not
          using hours or minutes but the month setting. In the future the best way
          to set your clock forward to get more lives immediately is this:
          Go to your settings and choose date and time. Choose the month and
          move forward one month. Go back to the game and as soon as you see
          your lives are full again, go back to date and time and set the month
          back to the current one. This keeps you in continuous play but you won’t
          make mistakes that lead to outrageous wait times later.

  • Karl says:

    Level 181 is fun, but it is all about luck… No Chocolates, no Bombs, less colors so it is easier to match.
    As for the Wheel of Doom it is like a slot machine at your favorite casino.. You will get close, very close to the jackpot but will never get it. It is not a real spin. . It is computer generated.

  • Priscilla says:

    Hi all, Would anyone who has passed Level 165 like to share some tips on beating this level? Please write your answers in the Level 165 posting. (

  • Ruth says:

    I have got down to one on each side, the light colored ones that just need to be hit one fore time! The best way I have found is to match stripped candy with packaged candy, so it hits all four boxes. But I have yet to beat it & have been on this level for 5 days now. I dont buy extras so I will beat it only by playing! NO cheats! I am a determined, constant player so I am confidant I will pass it, just a matter of time!

  • sam says:

    candy crush has really had crushed me at level 181— i think i am going to give up! anyone else in the same boat.

    help plz

    • Priscilla says:

      Take a look at the comments posted by Karen holmes ziem on 29 December and sb on 3 January. They might help you to solve Level 181. Remember, keep trying, never give up, and you’ll get past it!!! Plenty of players have wanted to give up on Level 181 and then they solved the level. Good luck to you!!! You can do it!!!

  • john says:

    i got here with out too much trouble 181 some times i lost up too 30 lives on different levels but this 181 is crap i lose 10 -16 moves just to get to the cherrys the mix bag goes off 3 -5 times ill get strips in bundles then none if im lucky ill get the side coloum about 4times then game over im at 150lives and done people been on this for months lol not me , these are to be fun to play not drive you nuts ,yes people beat them but holy crap this is nuts for me .

    • Priscilla says:

      Don’t lose hope… Persevere and you’ll beat this level… You might want to check sb’s comment for some tips to beat this level.

  • sb says:

    Victory! I’d like to apologize for the pessimistic tone of my earlier post but, jeebus, this level raised my blood pressure by light years. I did it without cheats or without the use of the wheel. My tips, for what they are worth:

    1) Ignore color bombs; do not even be tempted. They are next-to-useless here.
    2) Focus on getting striped candy/horizontal candy combos. Try to get at least three of them.
    3) Don’t get too caught up in step 2 above; if you’ve got a horizontal striped candy and it’s targeting the merengues, use it. Just remember at some point, you’re going to need a few of them for wrapped candy combos.
    4) Don’t ignore vertical striped candies. If you can avoid them and create a horizontal, go ahead and make one; save them if you can and try to combine it with a wrapped. Better to have some vertical striped’s then no striped’s at all because you can’t get past this without stripes.
    5) You need some luck, obviously. But using the strategies above (avoid color bombs!), you should make it in time. 🙂

  • Mike jackson says:

    I cannot find the free spinner!!!!

    • Priscilla says:

      What are you playing on? If you’re on a mobile device, update Candy Crush and you’ll see it in the update.

  • Karen holmes ziem says:

    I just beat this level after 3 weeks ! Was ever so ready to quit this game ! However my son told me can use a lollypop and hit the side when its gray ! I had 3 lollypops from spinning the wheel. Never bought anything.. Hope this helps:) Good luck !!!

  • Gordon Bland says:

    This is definitely one of the hardest screens. I’ve just done it. You need to primarily create horizontal stripes and fire them off into meringues. Don’t over concentrate on horizontal ones as a wrapped and stripe can do 3×3 wide damage. Also I completed it all for free without extra moves etc. So good luck with it!

  • Jenifer Lee says:


  • Brittany says:

    I hate this level I’ve been stuck forever 🙁
    My mom was too but she finally beat it without buying anything I’m just waif and hoping I get that lucky even tho she was stuck on it for MONTHS.

  • Sharon says:

    This level is horrible. I can not get enough horizontal stripes and my color bombs do nothing.

  • stanley says:

    I know the strategy you described above. I have done all that. You still can not beat the level. I have gone down to two meringue cupcakes on either side. That’s as good as it gets. If anyone beats this level it was because they bought a lot of cheats to surpass the level otherwise it is unbeatable. You stop here or buy — I am a serious game player –and winner on many difficult games.

    • Priscilla says:

      Anyone else got comments?

      • Steve says:

        So far I have to agree with him. I haven’t boughten a thing yet and don’t plan on it. I can’t get a good board to save my soul, others must have lucked out or bought more moves. I know how to make wrapped candy, etc. There’s no strategy that applies here since if it cascades it wipes positioning out most of the time. If they want people to stop playing they’ve about got one here. It’s not a challenge after awhile, it total realization that the game is designed for you to lose and possibly slow you down….In my case, their playing with minds is going to drive me from the game.

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