Tips On How to Beat Hard Candy Crush Level 184

I have done an earlier blog post on Level 184 of the popular game Candy Crush Saga, but some readers are still having wanting more tips. So I have decided to do another blog post with more information to help you to pass this level.

Level 184

Level 184

Before you can beat the level though, it is important to understand Level 184 and why it is so challenging.

Why is Level 184 So Tough?

This is a clearing of the jelly level, and features 11 double-jelly squares, which you must eliminate within 40 moves and get 25,000 points in the process.

It doesn’t sound tough at first glance – but the problem is that these jelly squares are encased right in the middle of the chocolate factories. So this means that they are incredibly tough to reach. And if that is not hard enough, the chocolate factories will keep churning out chocolate at the speed of lightning and these may even cover the jelly squares that you are trying to get rid of.

So the challenge is whether to keep the chocolate at bay or to concentrate on getting rid of the jelly.

Read on for some useful tips and help on how to beat this hard Level 184.

Don’t waste too much time on the chocolate

If you spend too much time on trying to get rid of the chocolate, you will not be able to clear the jelly within the 40 moves that you have been allocated.

But at the same time, if you don’t bother with clearing the chocolate at all, they will consume your entire game and before you know it, you will be staring at the chocolate – left, right and centre.

So the trick is to form a fine balance between the chocolate and clearing of the jelly. Keep the chocolate at bay, but at the same time, don’t waste too much time on it. Seeing a couple of squares of chocolate on this board won’t kill you. And you won’t be able to eliminate it completely because of the chocolate factories that are continuously producing them.

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Make horizontal and vertical striped candies

Creating striped candies will be useful at this level. So you should grab the chance to make these candies whenever the opportunity presents itself to you.

The horizontal striped candies will be able to blast an entire horizontal row of candies – taking the jelly with them too, providing you are able to get them to the bottom section of the board, which is where the jelly is.

As for the vertical stripes, you should use them when they are at the top of the board, so that they will clear a vertical line downwards, right in the direction of the jelly squares. This too, will take a row of jelly along with them.

Use your wrapped candies strategically

Try and maximise your wrapped candies. If you are able to form these, do not waste them at a part of the board where there is no jelly, because this defeats the purpose of using the wrapped candies.

Instead, if you are able to get the wrapped candies as close as possible to the jelly when it explodes, then the second explosion would be inside the jelly – thus clearing a three by three chunk of jelly. This will greatly help in eliminating the jelly and succeeding at this level.

Look for match-three combos inside the jelly area

Sometimes you may be presented with a match-three combo inside the jelly area itself. When you see these, you must seize them with open arms, because they will greatly help you to clear this hard level. It is easy to get tempted and match candies in irrelevant sections of the board, but then again, you are just wasting your moves, if you do that.

So that means you should concentrate your efforts in the area containing the jellies and only move to other sections of the board if you don’t see any combinations there.


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