What New Features Will Apple Have For The iPhone 5S?

I did a previous blog post on the highly anticipated Apple iPhone 5S, which will probably be launched on September 10 this year. But since my last post several months ago, the Apple online rumour mill has completely gone into overdrive on exciting new features to be introduced.

In this post, I take a look at a few of the more likely ones that the iPhone may have.

iPhoneA Bigger Screen

Smartphones definitely seem to be increasing in size these days and Samsung has certainly set the bar high with large screens. So according to rumours, Apple may do the same thing too, for the iPhone 5S. The screen size of the iPhone 5 has already been increased from three and a half to four inches. So there could just be an iPhone 5S that is larger than four inches to cater to the demands of buyers.

The drawback of this though, is that the screen resolution may be affected if the app developers do not create higher resolution apps to cater to different screen sizes. As a result, your images may not be as sharp. This type of problem is evidenced if you try to use an iPhone app on an iPad.

Higher Quality Camera

The current iPhone 5 has an eight-megapixel camera. While this is already very good for the average photographer, it is not suitable for serious photography buffs. So in the new iPhone 5S, a better quality camera could be introduced, possibly about 12 megapixels, so that photographers won’t have to carry around both a digital camera as well as the iPhone.

In addition to this, other camera improvements could include a slow motion capacity and dual LEDs, which would help improve the iPhone photography experience.

Quad-Core A7 Processor

Many other smartphone manufactures have since moved from dual-core to quad-core processors for faster power and efficiency, but Apple has still stuck to the dual-core processor, because the iPhone has only required two cores.

But in the iPhone 5S, an A7 quad-core processor may be introduced to further improve the efficiency of the iPhone and to keep up with Apple’s competitors.

Integration with game controllers

The latest version of Apple’s mobile software, iOS7 already has support for game controllers inbuilt within the software. So Apple could take this one step further with the iPhone 5S by integrating it with game controllers – or even make the phone act as a game controller itself. This is a plausible feature, as the App Store is rich with gaming apps. As well, such a feature would definitely suit gamers who use their phone primarily to play games.

Liquid Metal Casing

The iPhone 4 and 4S both have glass backs. For the iPhone 5, this casing is made of aluminium. Rumour has it that Apple will introduce a liquid metal casing, which is a material that is twice as strong as titanium and is said to be completely indestructible – for the iPhone 5S.

If this is indeed true, it will be quite useful, because it will make the iPhone much more hardy and durable – many people have complained about how fragile the iPhone is so Apple may want to do something about this.

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