Benefits of Playing Xbox Fitness Video Games

Xbox fitness games are ones that rely on technology to track body movement or physical reactions and incorporate these in as part of the game – for exercise. The Kinect sports games are examples of such games.

Playing xbox fitness games can develop a healthy and active lifestyle. (Source:

Playing xbox fitness games can develop a healthy and active lifestyle. (Source:

People who are having trouble sticking to a regular exercise routine, may want to try playing these fitness related video games – to kick-start a more healthy and active lifestyle in a fun manner. Here are some benefits of these types of xbox fitness games for such sedentary people.

  1. Increases heart rate

Compared to the average sedentary person who engages in no physical activity, playing fitness related video games can increase a person’s heart rate to the level that it would reach, if they were engaging in light physical exercise such as brisk walking and leisure cycling. So playing these games, would be similar to getting exercise regularly.

  1. Burns calories and energy

Like all exercise, playing xbox fitness games also burn calories – in about the same fashion that light exercises such as brisk walking and leisure cycling, would do. In this way, it will contribute to a healthy lifestyle and prevent obesity, as long as you do not eat more calories than you are burning.

  1. More enjoyable and fun type of physical activity for sedentary people

For the average sedentary person who may not like to go under the sun and sweat, doing exercise, especially the outdoor sort, would not be their cup of tea. So playing xbox fitness video games would be more fun and enjoyable for them, as playing such games do not really feel like exercise. Rather, they may feel more like a game. Yet at the same time, the sedentary person is getting exercise – and best of all, they can even do it in an air-conditioned room.

  1. Improves balance and coordination

Games such as dance-related exercise games (exergames) may improve balance, coordination and sense of physical perception, due to the sharp and sudden physical movements of such games. Depending on the game, some dance moves may also require gamers to balance on one leg. This may be useful for sedentary people of all ages, but is especially important for older people to delay the onset of the process of ageing.

  1. May be addictive

Just like how outdoor sports may be addictive for sports enthusiasts, playing xbox fitness games may prove to be addictive for a person – and this may even kick-start their enthusiasm to continue this hobby on a regular basis. And they will find themselves getting fitter and healthier at the same time.

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