My top three dream stays in Niseko, Japan

During the winter season, many people from all over the world travel to Niseko, in Japan, for skiing and snowboarding.

Said travel blogger Nicola, who writes at Jetlag & Mayhem, “One of my favourite things about Japan is access to awesome snow. There are many ski resorts on the main island of Honshu but for the best snow of your life, head to Niseko in Hokkaido.”

However, while skiing does indeed make up a large portion of a holiday there, a trip to Niseko need not purely be about nothing but the winter sports activities though.

This is because the accommodation at Niseko is pure fantasy. And there is a wide variety in Niseko to suit the tastes of all guests.

Here are three of my favourites.

1) Glasshouse

A five-bedroom chalet, Glasshouse is an attraction in itself, thanks to its beautiful architecture and design. As I have always been intrigued by places with interesting designs, such as Singapore’s very own Esplanade, the Glasshouse is definitely a place that I would be interested to check out and perhaps stay at.

Credit: The Luxe Nomad

Photo credit: The Luxe Nomad

At the same time, Glasshouse has lovely views of Mount Yotei as well as an outdoor jacuzzi pool – to keep you warm after a day out there on the slopes. I love looking out of the window at scenic views and taking photos of them, so this is an appealing factor as well.

The location is also fairly quiet, so this means that you will be able to get plenty of peace. As I am someone who enjoys my privacy and does not like to jostle with huge crowds all the time, this is also another factor that appeals to me about the place.

Credit: The Luxe Nomad

Photo credit: The Luxe Nomad

And there is a shuttle bus that takes you both to and from the ski slopes too. So you need not worry about transport for your skiing holiday, despite the apparently private location of this interesting sounding ski resort hotel. As I am never keen on making my own travel arrangements, this convenience is appealing to me as well.

Said an anonymous reviewer on Agoda, in Japanese, “I thought this was the best holiday home that I have stayed so far, in Niseko. It was a great family gathering for me and even though I was only there for two nights, I loved the Jacuzzi and lovely hot water.”

2) Shiki

The thing that attracts me the most about the Shiki resort hotel, definitely has to be the fact that a Michelin-star restaurant, called Kamimura, is also there to pamper guests.

Credit: The Luxe Nomad

Photo credit: The Luxe Nomad

A Japanese-French restaurant, the eatery has received some rave reviews from the online community – and so it would be great to have a meal there, and I would not need to walk so far or brave the bitter cold for a nice, hearty dinner – as a top-class eatery would be right at my doorsteps. Besides my sports, I am also a foodie at heart – so this is why this would appeal to me.

At the same time, the resort apparently has lots of other facilities such as a private gym, retail stores such as a supermarket and deli, and quick access to the ski slopes. These are all certainly things that would appeal to a city girl.

Credit: The Luxe Nomad/Glen Claydon Photography

Photo credit: The Luxe Nomad/Glen Claydon Photography

Said a reviewer, Yen, on the TripAdvisor website, “Shiki Niseko is certainly the best resort that we have stayed in. Upon entering, there is an impressive and cosy lobby to hang out around and spacious designed apartments. It is modern and yet with a touch of Japanese feel.”

3) Annabel

Contemporary kitchen. Games room. A mini sauna. Foosball table. Gas fireplace. What more could I ask for?

This luxury ski resort hotel in Niseko, Japan, apparently has all the creature comforts – and more, that a holiday-maker would be looking for. So of course this is a place that I feel that I would certainly have to check out if I am in Japan for a skiing trip.

Photo by

Photo credit: The Luxe Nomad

It is also located in a quiet corner of Niseko, but at the same time, close enough to the ski slopes that it would be easy to head over to the slopes for a day of skiing. This appeals to me as well – as I prefer more quiet accommodation rather than something that is congested and very noisy.

And as a bonus, the views are spectacular. So if I want some ‘me’ time in the resort, I could simply gaze out of the window and lose myself in the beautiful and picturesque scenery.

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