How To Beat Level 165 in the Candy Crush Saga: Tips from Player, Jasmine Jay

Level 165 is a very tough level in the Candy Crush Saga game, mainly because of the sheer number of blue candies that players must collect.

But 24-year-old student Jasmine Jay is a Candy Crush player who has tasted success at this insanely hard level. I asked Jasmine for some tips on how to beat Level 165. To find out what she said, do read on.

Candy Crush Level 165.

Candy Crush Level 165.

What is a good starting tactic?

When you start this level, you should focus on the chocolate so that it doesn’t continue to build up. The trick then, is to remove some of the chocolate. If you can knock out the bomb with the first couple of moves, do it too. You have 60 moves to complete this level.

What are some good pointers that you can give readers for Level 165?

The main focus when playing this level should be on collecting the blue candies because they are the most difficult to gather. When you have the chance to create special candies too, you must grab it, and try to save them up to make combinations instead of playing them immediately.

Creating combos will be the most useful tactic for collecting as many blue candies in as few moves as possible. And remember to eliminate as much chocolate as possible. This will give you more candies to work with.

What do you think will help players to pass Level 165?

Since there are six candy colours on this board and with the chocolate taking up space, it is very difficult to make colour bombs but whenever you get the opportunity to make them, try and do it.

I would suggest using the colour bomb on a colour you don’t have to collect, like red, orange, or purple. You don’t have to use your colour bombs on the green or yellow candies, because most of the time you will easily collect these orders. Rather, it’s the blue ones that is more difficult to collect.

I wouldn’t use the colour bombs on the blue candies though, because once you collect all the blue ones, you will be wasting moves trying to knock out colours to get more blues to come down.

If you use the colour bombs to eliminate the red, orange, or purple candies instead, the blue candies will fall down on the board. I think that this will give you more blues to collect. Using striped candies alone doesn’t help. But if you can combine the striped candy with a wrapped candy, that will eliminate a lot of candies. I believe the best combination is the colour bomb/striped candy one.

Why does Level 165 stumble so many players?

It seems simple to collect 99 blues, 49 yellows, and 24 green candies but it is difficult to do so, because you have so many obstacles to overcome. For example, there are four chocolate factories on the board. These will keep on generating chocolate that will get in your way and frustrate you. There are also the bombs that explode within seven moves. Once you knock out one of these bombs, another one comes along.

Most people can collect the yellow and green candies. But collecting the blue candies are the most difficult task in this level. This is difficult to do because as I said, there are six candy colours on the board.

What do you think are the most common mistakes for Level 165?

The most common mistake made during this level is to let the chocolate take over the game. When this happens, it’s so easy to lose focus on trying to knock out the bombs or collecting a certain colour.

Most people make the mistake of allowing the chocolate to build up and forget all about it until it’s too late. And once this happens you have to spend most of the game trying to eliminate the chocolate – and you won’t be able to satisfy the requirements of the level.


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  • Gordon says:

    First rate advice – spent 4 days getting nowhere. Took advice and completed 165 with a move to spare.

  • Patty: says:

    How do I get to play the level. Every time I push play and start the level my iPad just goes off the level it’s been doing this for wks and I can’t seem to play but I game a wk if that out of all the 5 lives and I try all day long. Can someone plz help me

    Thx. Patty

    • Priscilla says:

      Try to delete and re-install the Candy Crush game. If you’re connected to Facebook, you won’t lose your Candy Crush progress at all. It may be a bug that’s causing your game to disappear and not let you play properly.

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