Beat Candy Crush Level 350: Tips From A Player, Steve Hall

Level 350 is one of the hardest levels in the Candy Crush Saga game, and players often take weeks, if not months, to pass it.

Get some tips to beat Level 350 here.

Get some tips to beat Level 350 here

But Steve Hall, 64 is one player who has achieved success at Level 350. He does admit to spending one dollar on a five extra moves booster though – but the semi-retired farmer reiterates that this is the very first and only time that he has spent money trying to solve a level in Candy Crush Saga.

He came tantalisingly close to tasting victory on this level – without boosters.

In this blog post, Steve shares some of his tips on Level 350.

Focus on the bombs first

Steve feels that focusing on the bombs is the most important strategy if you want to beat Level 350.

“I think you have to focus on the bombs first, or you will be done,” said the farmer.

Work on the bottom of the board

Steve explains, “I do think you have to work the bottom as soon as possible, or there’s not enough moves to get through.”

According to the player, it is important to work on the bottom of the playable board and create as many wrapped/striped combinations as possible in this section of the game board. You should try and let the cascade (the candies falling down from the top of the board) pull you through and maximise your moves.

Make wrapped candies

Making wrapped candies is also very important in achieving success at this level.

“The ability to make wraps is essential and looking to the side to move one or the other in place is becoming more essential,” explains Steve.

Focus on Combining Special Candies

Once you have mastered making wrapped candies, the player also says that combining them with other special candies (the striped candies and the colour bombs) can help you to pass this level.

“The wrapped/striped combinations and wrapped/colour bombs are the best types of special candies to make. The wrapped/striped combos are the most effective though, but work to get them low to do damage, or you’ll never get rid of the meringue and jellies,” he explains.

Get A Good Board and Have Plenty of Luck

Steve said, “This level requires a good board or you will get stuck matching three candies at the top with no other moves. Also, luck is needed in getting the candies to fall so that you can get rid of a few of the bombs first – and then let the wrapped/striped candies blow the others up.”

The player explains that you need to get a good board at the start of the game, in order to taste success at Level 350. He estimates that you need 60 per cent luck at this level to “get a decent board, versus a little (40 per cent) skill.”

In fact, the farmer said that when he finally succeeded, the board he started with, “had a colour bomb ready to be made when it came up. Then the wraps most of the time were waiting for me, or just take one move to get them into place.”

“I didn’t have to waste too many moves just making useless threes,” Steve added.

This is not working! I need more tips!

You are in luck if you want some more useful tips on Level 350. I managed to get an interview with Gilles Grima, who beat Level 350 on his first attempt. Click here for his tips.

Are you still stuck on Level 350?

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  • Pat says:

    I seem to be very unlucky with the boards that have come up. If the bombs are released it’s almost impossible to stop them as I’m stuck working at the top of the board with nothing useful. I think that when you’ve used a certain number of boards you will eventually get past the level. Candy Crush wants you to spend money so they have to give you a hard and frustrating level sometimes and they’ll block all attempts to clear it. However, there is the danger that you’ll give up altogether and not play any more. I’m giving this level just one more day before I bow out of Candy Crush. It’s too time consuming.

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