How to Beat Candy Crush Saga Level 273

The objective of Level 273 of Candy Crush Saga is to get 36,000 points within 50 moves and clear all of the jelly squares on the game board, at the same time.

This level in Candy Crush Saga can be very infuriating for many players though because there are so many bombs that are constantly raining down onto the screen. What makes it even worse is that these bombs have only seven moves before they blow up and if you do not keep a watch out for them, your game can end almost as soon as it has begun.

Yes you can beat Level 273 of The Candy Crush Saga.

Yes you can beat Level 273 of The Candy Crush Saga

So then, how do you beat Level 273 of the Candy Crush Saga?

Get two wrapped candies together

One of the strategies that many players use to beat Level 273 of Candy Crush Saga is through making and using wrapped candies.

In earlier levels, you have probably had training in creating wrapped candies because this is mandatory in passing the levels. Use these as training to prepare you for Level 273.

If you are able to combine two wrapped candies together, they will be able to clear a nine by nine square on the board, thus eliminating a huge amount of jellies in a single move.

Do not ignore the bombs

You must be able to deal with these bombs as soon as you get the chance. Do not ignore them, because if you miss even just one bomb, you will fail to complete this level and your game could just end suddenly, even though you may be progressing well up to now.

Of course it is a hard choice if you are presented with a chance to clear a bomb, but an equally good move is to create a special candy elsewhere. But you will have to decide whether you’ll get another chance to clear the bomb if you create the special candy first. If you don’t think that you will, it is better to clear the bomb and sacrifice the special candy – so that you will still be able to keep on playing your game.

Try and create colour bombs

In Level 273 of Candy Crush Saga, creating colour bombs may be useful if you are able to match these together with a striped candy because this will clear a large chunk of the board – including many bombs. So whenever you have the chance to make a colour bomb, do not waste it – use it strategically with a striped candy, which is your preferred option. Of course though, if you can somehow get two colour bombs together at this level, you should immediately seize it with open arms, as this will really help you to win Level 273.

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  • Dave says:

    After about 40 attempts I did it – without any boosters.

  • Brian says:

    Don’t remember how many months I have been on this level. Rediculous! Takes pure luck & no skill. Bout ready to wipe candy crush off my my iPad. Too frustrating to want to continue.

  • bombo says:

    earl, you made it this far and you dont know how to make wrapped candies?? ugh this level is so annoying! there is no way i will ever pass it, plus it doesnt give me enough chances. by the time i make it to the last two layers, i only have like, 4 more turns left. im so mad!

    • Priscilla says:

      Keep trying, this level is do-able!

      • alic says:

        it keeps trying to pay wrapped stripped candy i used the ones and didn’t win maybe candy that i had to pay but I’m not paying for games. free games is free games!!!! its the principal of the thing

  • Edna Craghead says:

    How do you create flat candies. I get 2 speckled candies and use them and still loose. This is frustrating. Bombs come out of nowhere already down to one. Can’t beat that.

  • Bobbie says:

    There are to Many bombs u lose to many lives because u can’t get to all bombs I’ve tried all the tips I can’t get a chance getting s good board that’s not good eighter there is not such thing the walkthrough u get that many moves without the BOMBS going off there is no such board why would any body be that cruel to make a level 273 like that

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