Beat Odus the Owl Dreamworld Level 54 in Candy Crush Saga

Some players consider this the hardest level in Odus the Owl’s Dreamworld mode in the Candy Crush Saga game. There is a good reason for this though, because the Moon Scale is extremely unstable and more often than not, Odus will fall off his perch if you are not extra careful here.

To add to that, you only get a single move in Moon Struck mode, so it’s not very useful to create combinations and special candies.

Odus the owl's Dreamworld Level 54 can be beaten.

Odus the owl’s Dreamworld Level 54 can be beaten

But Level 54 in Odus the Owl’s Dreamworld mode of Candy Crush Saga can be beaten if you know the right strategy. Here are some tips that you can use to go about it.

Release the Locked candies

The locked candies should be released as soon as possible. Of course you need to unlock these in order to bring the ingredients down, but if you are able to form combinations that will unlock these as soon as possible, you are well on your way to completing this level.

Clear the chocolate

I really must admit that the chocolate can be quite annoying here, but it only takes up a few squares at the bottom of the board. This should not be too hard to clear. Try to get rid of this as soon as you can though, so that it will not obstruct your game plan for the remainder of the level. Remember – the sooner the better.

Capitalise on the Moon Struck mode

While it is true that the Moon Struck mode in this particular level lasts only a single move and is not very useful as a result, you can try to capitalise on it by being strategic when it does happen after 21 moves at this level.

For example, you can capitalise on it by combining special candies during the single Moon Struck move. In Level 54 of Dreamworld Candy Crush, Odus the Owl has apparently had far too much to drink and he is extremely unstable on his perch. So using the Moon Struck mode will allow you to make combinations without any fear that Odus will topple over. But during this move, you can combine colour bombs, wrapped and striped candies and Odus will not topple over.

This may be better than creating special candies in Moon Struck mode, because of Odus and his balancing problem.

Getting Lucky

That said, sometimes you may just get lucky in this level. For example, Moon Struck mode 2 takes place at the very end of the game, when you have zero moves left. So if you have only one or two candies separating you from winning the game, the Moon Struck mode may simply take care of this. Yes, this can happen.


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  • amber says:

    Ok so I finally beat this level and when I say finally I mean after a good 30 tries. And boy did I ever beat it. My final score was 1,163000. So after breaking thru the barrier row, getting rid of the chocolates and without tipping Odus too much. I got rid of as many acorns and cherries as I could carefully. I just created as many striped candied as I could and in the process it made three color busters so I just bided my time till the last move( when odus leaves again) and mixed one color buster with a striped candy and it Finally happened. it takes luck and patience. Good Luck

  • Rina says:

    As everyone else has proclaimed “this level sucks!” I have literally played this level so many times and for soooooo long that I might wind up in divorce court. I have sailed through every level of candy crush even without having to use my boosters. Even though there are just a couple out there who have gotten through this level you would think the Candy Crush G-ds would take note and tweak it so there is positive incentive to play. As one person stated it leaves you feeling depressed and frustrated. I love Candy Crush but Otis should go to America’s Best and hang out with his buddy, get some glasses so he can see what is going on here.

  • Dave P says:

    This level is about forgetting everything you learnt in the Candy Crush Saga world. All the fun you had launching colour bombs against striped candy or matching at the bottom to set off free matches above is gone for pretty much all levels in Dreamworld. For this level there is a huge element of luck required in avoiding cascades. Even when you tactically avoid them, they can still trigger. Sometimes you only have two moves available…both same colour and of course on of the colours on the moon with that stupid, infuriating, I-hate-him Odus the Owl. I passed this level after at least 50 goes. Was lucky with occasional cascades balancing out and after second Monnstruck, had one ingredient left and a colour bomb allowed to collect it with last move! Hated this level, but somewhat euphoric after getting passed it.

  • Stef says:

    ARRRGHH!! I’m going a bit mad with this level!! There seems to be a pattern emerging… Like they make the levels normal difficulty, either you win them in the first few goes, or its a bit harder and you have to play it quite a few times before you figure out a decent strategy. But every 5/6 levels, there is this ridiculously hard level, which is basically impossible to win on strategy, and it is clearly just pure luck! They obviously just want you to spend money on the game, so they make it impossible to pass a level, and then when you have played it a stupid amount of times, the game just randomly lets you pass… Until the next time they stick you on a level to try and get you to empty your pockets. Its such a friggin scam and if I don’t pass this level soon I’m just gonna find a new game…

    • Priscilla says:

      Hey there. Yeah I understand your frustrations. I’m just a player like you, who’s trying to provide tips to help fellow players. One thing I have noticed about this game, is that if you give it a break for a while e.g. 1 to 2 weeks, you suddenly get an easy board that lets you pass. 🙂

  • blulevi says:

    I have 20 moves and 511 000 points. I can win this but suddenly Odus tips to the right and falls asleep. I cannot get any candies to move, but the board is still active. How do I get this going again without losing my game?
    Why has he frozen in that position instead of falling off?

  • Anger boy says:

    Xxxxing shit are u kidding me I’m stuck in this level 54 for 2 month already the hardest game ever.Don’t you say I’m gone uninstall this game Dreamworld is suck.

  • tammy flonta says:

    U make one move he falls. I’m thinking of trying other games. This is supposed to be fun.ugh

    • Priscilla says:

      U have to carefully watch the 2 colours that Odus is balancing on the scale and balance them out. If you are observant enough, he won’t always fall..

  • Bill says:

    I agree with all above you should be able to skip a level after soooo many tries. Thinking go quitiing this game, no fun.

  • Dianne Rice says:

    I’m so mad at the dang little bird I make him fall down several times in a row in my vain attempts to kill him. Hasn’t worked yet though.

  • Shai says:

    I have played this level soooo many times. I have tried all the strategies suggested. I almost had it and he went into his moon struck thing and I made a move and once over he fell off. I was one move away from winning since then no luck. I’m hoping posting a comment might bring me luck like it has with others 😉 it is just too frustrating to constantly lose. no end in sight. I think we should get an option to skip after close to 100 tries. That’s not including the times I look at the level and count the candies and opt to restart bc too uneven. Improbable to win any time soon 🙁

  • Deahna says:

    Thanks for your tips but there clearly is a bug in this level. I finally managed to have enough points just before the last move and there was only one nut left to get down. One blue candy below and two blue candies above should have made the nut drop down from the board and the game should have been won. Instead I found myself looking at a striped blue candy still below the nut which simply couldn’t have happened. If I had had three blue on top of the nut they wouldn’t have stayed there in the first place and if hadn’t looked properly and there were two and two they still would only have combined to three when swapped with the nut 🙁

  • samba says:

    I won level 54 after numerous attempts. Here is one observation that will help a lot. Count the candies in the perch-colors before you make the first move. Let’s say the perch colors are green and red. If you have 2 green candies and 9 red candies you will be likely to fail after a few moves. Exit the game and give it another try. If you have a ratio of 8:9 you are way better off. I didn’t count the candies below the liquorice wall because they get quickly overgrown by chocolate. Sometimes, candies in the perch-colors are even in abundance over the other colors. I always tried to make a hole in the liquorice wall with my first move but in my last attempt (when I won) it took me couple of moves before the breakthrough. I won with 226000 points.

  • Thanks for that Priscilla lol

  • I can’t believe it. The very next game I played level 54 after leaving my message went it went straight out with a score of over 931,000. Back to feeling happy again!!!

  • I have tried for sooooooooooooo long to get this level out. Just can’t see how it’s ever going to happen.
    I thought the aim of the game is for pleasure, not for ending up depressed & totally unable to win game

  • this level is ridiculous,there is an abundance of one color and none of the other to make him balance,the fruit don’t come down until all your moves are about gone,he’s a bird he can fly why do we have to balance his little butt,I get bored big time with it,yall should let us skip after so many tries instead of having to go on & on & on for a week or month,or give us both colors,and the fruit before it’s over

  • Kevin says:

    A good tip is to keep in mind that Odus can’t fall down in the move prior to Moonstruck. This way you don’t have 2, but 4 moves in which Odus won’t fall down. So try to set up a powerful candy combination which you use when the counter is at 22 moves left and 2 moves left. You can of course safely use combinations again during Moonstruck, making a total of 4. This helped me get through.

  • lulu says:

    solo quiero matar al owl al tecolote o ponerle un stop stooooooopppppp

  • Maggie says:

    PS – a couple of observations at this level, the game seems to set you up to fail. For example, the two colours on the Odus scales are often unfairly geared towards one on the board, so your only choice is to match the one colour for a few moves and the wretched owl falls off it’s perch! Also, a few times I’ve had no matches so the game has ‘shaken the candies’ and when they are replaced, the candies are arranged so the owl falls off the perch!

    One of my tips (and I haven’t passed this level yet so it may be worthless) is to try and avoid creating a colour bomb outside of Moon Struck. As the results are so random, the owl often falls off the perch.

  • Maggie says:

    I definitely think Level 54 has a bug. Several times I’ve cleared one of the ingredients and another hasn’t come down for several moves which means I’ve wasted precious moves doing nothing!

  • jc says:

    364k points….100 atempts and i beat it yesterday…

  • Clarissa says:

    Ok, was in love with Dreamworld and Odus the Owl until Odus cheated. I had 1 life left, cleared the entire board as well as finally got over the 60,000 points required and right at that second, instead of seeing Sugar Crush which I should have, I saw Odus fall off the moon once I should have won that level 20 in Dreamworld. Sux this mode cheats.

  • Salgal says:

    Owl Dreamworld Level 54 in Candy Crush Saga must have a bug. The ingredients do not come down. Most times I never have more than one ingredient on the board and have many many points. Can you help me?

    • Priscilla says:

      It’s not a bug. The ingredients for this level come down separately. You have to get one down to the bottom first, before the next one even starts to come down. So it means you can’t waste too many moves bringing down each ingredient.

  • Pleiades says:

    Absolutely HATE this level. Odus is drunk, the fruit never arrives, it’s just a total shambles… grrr

  • Shannon says:

    Almost impossible to beat when the fruit NEVER comes down. Very frustrating.

  • cookie says:

    On level 54 not all the fruit comes down . Have gone all the way to the end with only ONE cherry. This has happened numerous times, even though the board has cleared.

  • jeanne says:

    On level 54dreamland I have scored over 200000 points cleared all
    the stars and have not been moved to level 55. My score has been way higher than the two top scorers yet I remain at level 54. WHY?

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